Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lola cuteness!

This year Lola and I were both super excited to set up the Christmas tree and decorations (We didn't set up a single decoration last year, so this year we started early, the week before Thanksgiving) I figured I better do it before I lost my excitement!. I got out all of the ornaments and Lola proudly placed each one on the tree (really close together and all basically on the same side of the tree) then Tony asked her to come and help him work in the attic and I rearranged the ornaments and plugged in the tree lights. When Lola came back down and saw the tree she said, "Mom, I didn't know it was going to be this beautiful!" she paused for a second then said, "it looks just like me!" She makes everything so much more exciting, I'm so glad I have her!

ME- I went to the doctor Yesterday and all is well, baby has officially taken over my body! Doctor said, no amount of tape will fix my belly button and that surgery is the best and safest way to go! ( no more scars from pulling off tape!) I am ready to be done, but not quite ready to have a baby. We haven't gotten any of the baby clothes out yet, we don't have a baby car seat anymore (expired) and we aren't quite sure where we are going to put the little fella, (1,000 square feet of house seems to be getting smaller my the minute!) but I am excited to see him!

side note- 34 weeks, gained 20 pounds (weight gain slowed down, thank goodness)

Tony and I are heading to St. George for our 6 year anniversary this weekend, can't wait to eat at all our favorite restaurants and have a little break from the kids before we have one more little babe on our hands!

Hope Everyone has a fabulous Christmas, 2009 has been SO good to us!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Part Three!

No, I am not dressed up like a "Pregnant Ladybug", I really am pregnant and just dressed up like a Lady Bug, phew I said it! I was worried I would NEVER catch up on my blog and all of the sudden I would start posting pictures of some strange new baby. Anyway, we are due the end of January and it's a BOY! I am really excited. It took Lola awhile to warm up to the idea of another Brother, she really wanted a sister. When we found out what we were having Lola was bummed, to say the least. We were driving home from the ultrasound, Tony aimed the rear view so he could see Lola and he said, "Lola are you okay with having another brother?" she replied, "I'm not talking, I'm just chewing on my strap!" she then tilted her head and started to bite on her car seat strap. What the? (She never does stuff like this, it was pretty funny!) Part of the reason I was delayed in posting was because I miscarried again (not a big deal, I'm fine) and so I was super worried this time around, so I waited until I didn't feel so nervous about it, which took a lot longer than I thought it would. Anyway, I need to add this just because I do! -My second miscarriage, I volunteer once a week at a day care so we can get a free family membership to the rec center, I was there and I was only four weeks along. I wasn't going to tell anyone since I had miscarried before, but I decided to tell the ladies I work with that day because I figured why not get some extra prayers. About an hour after I told them I went to the bathroom and started bleeding, I felt so stupid for telling them then they made a big deal about it and sent me home. I felt super emotional thinking what is wrong with me, and I grabbed my stuff and Lola and Ray and headed out to my car. Lola didn't notice that I was crying, she was too concerned about the fact that she didn't get a treat or go Gymnastics like she normally does right after we finish in the daycare. As we were walking out to the parking lot Lola was whining and throwing a big fit and asking a million questions about why we were going home, at the same time I was calling Tony to tell him, and I really started to cry when he answered, then all of the sudden Lola noticed that something was wrong and she said, "Mom, why are you Whining?!" It totally made me laugh, man I am thankful that I have her! That was a REALLY long story just to get that one line of hers in but I didn't want to forget it. A little info about this pregnancy- Baby seems to be growing at lighting speed, I have already gained 17 pounds (one pound away from what I gained with Lola full term, and 4 pounds away with Ray) I try not to think about where the numbers on the scale will be by the time I gain that one pound a week from here on out, yikers! My belly button is all the way out and then some, My Doctor said it is herniated-not cool! I tried to tape it down last week with medical tape and it worked, but the removal process-not so much! It pulled my skin off, so now I have an outtie and probably some scars-Suckey! Any ideas? I started to feel the baby move at 16 weeks, it never gets old. I can't wait to meet him! We are having a really hard time coming up with a name, I'd love some suggestions!
Annual Frampton family Halloween party- Sister in law Sally and I picked out Dick and Janes costumes, We couldn't stop laughing when they tried them on, classic Mario and Luigi, they are such good sports, and so funny!
We were sad that Tony couldn't make it, second year in a row that he has missed the party, hopefully next year!
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Halloween Part Two.

Is it just me, or does it seem like all the holidays get extended longer and longer every year?! This was Lola the day before Halloween, I got her all ready to Trick or Treat at a few different indoor events, but when I went to wake up Ray from his nap he sounded horrible. Instead of trick or treating I took this cute little Genie to the Doctors office to have Ray checked out. I felt really bad, but Ray ended up with RSV (AGAIN!) the kid is always sick!
Ray and Lola are really into having me take their pictures lately, usually they are pulling goofy faces, but I don't mind!
We went to Pirates pizza for the first time a few days before Halloween, we had a lot of fun, now Lola asks to go back everyday. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Goulding, Good times!
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Some Halloween Fun!

Lola wearing her wax mouth from Grandma Jane.
Halloween Jammies.
Lola fell asleep on the way to get pumpkins, so Ray and I started decorating with out her.

Lola decided Tony was the Pirate, I was the Princess, Lola was the Witch and Ray was the Vampire. She got such a kick out of her idea, and thought it was so cute. She had me take Ray out on the porch to tell him who everyone was and when I told him he smiled really big and said, "Ya!" He liked her idea too! Sidenote: Ray loves his snowboots and puts them on all by himself, he even wears them to bed!
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Catching up sucks!

I tried several times to get a picture of Lola and Ray together when they were both ready for the day (Hair combed, dressed in clothes- not jammies, etc.) impossible! Lola was quite obsessed with this little monkey (she named Barbie) she got out of a quarter machine she insisted that we get a good shot of him.
I love these pictures, mainly because of Rays crazy shaggy hair. I just love it when my kids are cute with each other!
We took the kids bowling for the first time, they really had a-lot of fun. Ray was more into getting the balls out of the ball return than actually watching to see if he knocked down any pins, but go figure he beat everyone!
I was making waffles and went to set the garbage bag on our front porch (White trash!) anyway, when I came back to the kitchen Ray had decided to help me stir all the dry ingredients, kids are so good at making quick messes.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Summer-

We Re-roofed our house, so glad it no longer leaks! Thanks so much to everyone that helped- much appreciated!
We tried new hairstyles on Lola. Here she is displaying a shampoo-set, pretty snazzy! Ray tried NOT to EVER wear clothes, and he was mostly sucessful!
Lola went through a phase of wearing as many acessories as possible and carrying a purse or two full of "treasures" (aka crap!)
We had a sleep over with cousin Kael, and made lots of funny faces! Tried to limit the acessories here, I was sucessful on the hair clips, not the bracelets! Hey, you win some you loose some right?!
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Even MORE Summer!

Just Lola and Ray being cute! My favorite is the picture of them trying so hard to make pig faces.
One of our favorite things to do this summer was go to Gardner village and feed the ducks. We usually went after hours and could get every single duck to come to us, kinda freaked me out, I am totally afraid of birds of all kinds! The kids were thrilled about it though. when we left this day we were about ten feet away from our car when Ray face planted and he and I were covered in blood, I swear that kid gets hurt more than anyone I know!
We also watched my Nephew a couple of times a week, my kids were in love with him. He is so cute. Lola cracks me up in these pictures, she is wearing part of her Halloween costume from last year and an infant headband. She is so particular about things, especially when it comes to what she is wearing.
We sure were sad when our baby sitting days ended, now Baby Stace gets tended by his Grandma who lives much closer to him. Lola Still talks about him almost everyday. We miss you buddy!Posted by Picasa

More Summer!

We went to several parades, had the kids faces painted a few times, the face painters are so quick and it only costs a .50 cents. They pump the kids in and out in a minute or less. I was seriously considering being a face painter for a second after we left, Tony thinks I'm silly! ($30 bucks an hour, and the line of kids NEVER stops!) Not to shabby to be a Carni worker!
I was watching my sisters kids, they were all in Lola and Rays room and it got really quiet, so I thought I better go see what kind of mess they had made and was pleasantly surprised to find them all dressed up in hats and mittens, actually got me pretty excited for winter, I love winter hats. Ray really grew up this summer, he all of the sudden knew how to play with the BIG kids, crazy how time flies!
Lola started Preschool this year and really Loves it, she goes with one of her favorite friends Aspen so that is extra fun for her. She is really doing well, she can write her name and knows most of her letters and some of the sounds. I am happy she is excited about learning.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Some funnies....

Lola has been saying some pretty good stuff lately so I thought I better document them before I forget.

A few weeks ago we were driving home from my Sister Chellese's . Lola was whining and crying the entire ride, when we were getting off our exit she said, "Mom, am I being naughty?" I replied, "no" then she said, "Then what am I doing?" I laughed and said, "your just really tired!" It made me laugh, she is all girl and trying to figure out all those emotions is pretty tough for a little person!

Last week I spent a good portion of the morning on the phone with our insurance company, which means my kids got ignored and the house in turn got destroyed. I had given the kids both a gingerbread cookie on a stick, that I knew they wouldn't eat (they don't like baked goodies only candy!) but like I said, I was on the phone and I wanted to not be bothered. A few minutes later I was put on hold and I hear this from the other room-

Lola- "Oh great Ray, look what we've done, we have created a complete disaster! This house is a disaster! We have done exactly what our Dad doesn't want us to do, we better clean this up, so he doesn't get mad!" There were cookie crumbs all over the place!

Lola was going to the bathroom the other day, and asked me to help her wipe, when I came in she said, " I am exhausted!"

Lola has been drawing about 20 pictures a day and posting them all over the fridge, some of them are several papers on top of each other and the magnets just can't keep up with her artistic abilities and speed. She also has been asking for lots of pieces of tape to compensate for lack of magnets, her paper ends up looking like a wadded up ball with tape covering the entire thing then she gets one long strip to hang it to the fridge, It looks nice, real nice! Lola not only colors on paper, but scrap wood we have from all the projects around the house. A few days ago Lola came up to me with a very colorful board and asked if she could measure me (it was only about 2 feet long) then she held it up to herself and said, "It's only half the size of what I appear!" She is always surprising me with new words, and funny things, I sure love you Lola lady!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Summer things!

I have been the worst blogger! I just wanted to put up some of the pictures from our summer fun, that I didn't want to leave out!

This past summer we spent lots of time on the porch eating Popsicles. Lola spent most of her time wearing dress-up clothes and sparkly gymnastics leotards (She seriously wanted to wear her leotards with every out fit) when Wednesdays gymnastics rolled around she NEVER had a clean one to wear. I just want everyone to take a close look at Rays belly and over all chubbiness in the top middle picture, so cute! He is totally losing all of that and I am so sad, but I still love the little guy too much!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poor Boy!

Back in July we found out Ray was anemic, not fun! I took him to the Doctor and his blood count was 16, it should be 36 for his age, so We were sent to the ER at Primary children's. Such a scary day for us, especially for Ray. He did so good while they ran all sorts of tests on him and gave him an I.V. (Dang nurse was telling me all the possibilities and the word cancer escaped her lips and I was a mess waiting for the results!) Ray would look up at me touch my cheek and say Mama and I was in tears. He had to have a blood transfusion which took four hours and we didn't get to leave until midnight, such a long day, but we were so relieved to know it was an Iron problem and not cancer or anything Life threatening. We also found out his Iron was low because his body can't break down proteins in Dairy so he wasn't absorbing Iron like he should, so now he drinks Soy milk and takes Iron supplements, all in all an easy switch. Now we are working on getting his numbers back up, last visit he was at 29, we are slowly getting there. I am really thankful for good Doctors and I'm especially thankful for this little guy! Mommy and Daddy couldn't live without you Ray!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ice Cream Anyone?

Whoa, where did this Summer go?
I can't believe it has taken me this long to post! I kind of need a break from the computer, every now and then. Does anyone else feel like you get sucked into blogging or facebook and then your whole day is gone and you feel like crap, or is it just me? Please say it's not just me! Anyway, these pictures are from a couple of months ago, but I didn't want to leave them out. I took a bunch more, Ray was a complete mess by the end, it was really funny.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I just thought this picture was cute, Lola is cracking us up lately, she always has her hands on her hips, little poser!


Yesterday Lola said to me, "Mom I don't like your butt, because it's a little fat." I said, "well, that's not very nice!" Then she said, "Well, I still like it, it's just fuzzy and weird!" So there you have it, I have a little bit of a fat, fuzzy, weird butt!

Last night I was helping Lola in the bathroom she went potty and then farted, I asked her if she needed to poop, she paused for a moment, tilted her head towards her shoulder and said, " No, I asked my shoulder and I only have to pee!" So now I guess her shoulder is in charge!


I just thought I would write down some of the things Ray is doing these days.

He can say:
No no
Uh oh
Thank you
Cheese (when I get out the camera)
Ruff ruff
Monkey sounds
Gorilla sounds and beats on his cheast
Elephant sound and raises his arm like a trunk
Roars like a Lion

gives high five
blows kisses
goes and gets a diaper for me when he is poopy
finally plays peek-a-boo by covering his eyes instead of his ears like he used to.
can point to his belly, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, and feet when asked.
loves to dance, usually while he is eating!
can't keep rocks out of his mouth, hands and pockets.
still loves to snuggle
loves babies
gives rasberries on any bare skin
is so tender-hearted
is a fast learner
is growing up way too fast!

Tony put him down for a nap, when I went into check on him, I laughed because he is so sneaky with his rocks, I thought it was cute that he was sleeping with it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We have a Dr. In the House!

So Tony Graduated last weekend, such a exciting day for us! So if any of you out there are in need of some presciption drug help, I hope you will feel free to call Dr. Goulding! I can't believe I have a Doctor in the house, so nice!
Our family with a cute, happy Graduate!
Me and my Dr!
Tony's Parents, they helped us out so much while Tony was in school, thanks!

My Mom and Step Dad, so good to see them there!

Tony's Brother Zach and Sister Sally, we are so glad they came.

Future Pharmacists! Don't they look so smart in Grandma and Grandpa's glasses?!

Graduation Dinner

Just a few pictures from the Dinner. These are some of Tony's school buddies, I'm so glad he has good friends to study with and to hang out with him at school! I got to know their wives too, and I hope we will always be friends (keep in touch), I really love them! I can't believe that School is over for Tony, it really flew by, and life just keeps getting better for us. Tony has made this Pharmacy School thing seem like a piece of cake, he hardly ever showed that he was stressed and he did so well, while at same time he continued to fix up this old house and makes it more beautiful every weekend! I am really luck to have him in my life, and I am excited for him to have a schedule and be home more often and to spend time with him. I am so proud of all he has accomplished while we have been together, he is one of the most talented people I know, he REALLY can do ANYTHING! I LOVE YOU TONE x infinity +1!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today Lola was sitting on the couch drinking some chocolate milk, she soon decided she didn't want anymore and wanted me to come in and get it from her and set it on the coffee table that is like 2 feet in front of her. I said, "no, I'm not going to get it, your a big girl and you can do it yourself!" Then I returned to the computer to download some pictures, and Lola starts yelling my name to get my attention, (I was trying to ignore her) and I finally turned to her and said, "What? Lola!" She said, "I want to be a baby!?" She is a smart girl! I want to be a baby sometimes too!
Tonight we went out to run some errands and when we got back I noticed that we had left out all the sidewalk chalk on the front porch, it was scattered everywhere. I said to Lola, "you need to clean up all of this chalk, it's a mess!" She said, "No, you clean it up, and I'll make some food o.k?!" While we were out I had said that I needed to fix dinner, so it made me laugh that she thought of that for an excuse, I wish I could have taken her up on it, I wonder what she would have made? hopefully soon I can have a little more help around the house, as of now Lola and Ray are really good at destroying the place!

Kiss them good bye!

She was really excited to get her toncils out!
Lots of family came to see her, but she wasn't feeling so good as you can see!
Fun in the sun!

About a month ago we discovered that Lola had Sleep Apnea and that she needed her tonsils and adenoids out We decided to get it done in Delta because we really like the doctor she goes to there, and I wanted some help giving her lots of attention (GRANDMAS!). She had them out last Wednesday, and she did wonderful! She Looked terrible when I first saw her, her face was really swoolen and her eyes were completley blood shot. I thought she wouldn't do very well, but after a few hours she started eating and as soon as we got to Grandma Goulding's she was asking for Maccaroni and Cheese, she had several servings, she was shoveling it in as fast as she could. She had a few bad moments where she couldn't control her slobber ,it was making her really upset, and she became a little more bossy from all the attention, and wanted lots more snuggling, but I didn't mind. By the time day two rolled around she was running around and dancing up a storm, thanks to cousin Sydney and her dance cd. Since Lola was doing so well we decided to go to the Resivoir for some sand and sun, the kids had a blast, I think Lola could have played in the sand all day, her swimsuit was new, and she really broke it in, I think the sand is permanently embedded in it. (SAD!) I am so thankful for all the help I got with Lola and Ray while we were there, it's so fun to have two sets of Grandparents and lots of cousins to play with everytime we are there. P.S. Lola sounds like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz ever since she got her tonsils out, pretty funny and cute!