Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kiss them good bye!

She was really excited to get her toncils out!
Lots of family came to see her, but she wasn't feeling so good as you can see!
Fun in the sun!

About a month ago we discovered that Lola had Sleep Apnea and that she needed her tonsils and adenoids out We decided to get it done in Delta because we really like the doctor she goes to there, and I wanted some help giving her lots of attention (GRANDMAS!). She had them out last Wednesday, and she did wonderful! She Looked terrible when I first saw her, her face was really swoolen and her eyes were completley blood shot. I thought she wouldn't do very well, but after a few hours she started eating and as soon as we got to Grandma Goulding's she was asking for Maccaroni and Cheese, she had several servings, she was shoveling it in as fast as she could. She had a few bad moments where she couldn't control her slobber ,it was making her really upset, and she became a little more bossy from all the attention, and wanted lots more snuggling, but I didn't mind. By the time day two rolled around she was running around and dancing up a storm, thanks to cousin Sydney and her dance cd. Since Lola was doing so well we decided to go to the Resivoir for some sand and sun, the kids had a blast, I think Lola could have played in the sand all day, her swimsuit was new, and she really broke it in, I think the sand is permanently embedded in it. (SAD!) I am so thankful for all the help I got with Lola and Ray while we were there, it's so fun to have two sets of Grandparents and lots of cousins to play with everytime we are there. P.S. Lola sounds like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz ever since she got her tonsils out, pretty funny and cute!


Tiffy Ann said...

I'm glad that she did awesome. Actually I remember when you got your tonsils out. The things we remember, huh!?!

Jocelyn and Nate said...

What a brave and cute girl. We love Lola! I am glad everything went so well~

Jocelyn and Nate said...

Love your new look on your blog: so cute! I love all the fun colors.