Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lola cuteness!

This year Lola and I were both super excited to set up the Christmas tree and decorations (We didn't set up a single decoration last year, so this year we started early, the week before Thanksgiving) I figured I better do it before I lost my excitement!. I got out all of the ornaments and Lola proudly placed each one on the tree (really close together and all basically on the same side of the tree) then Tony asked her to come and help him work in the attic and I rearranged the ornaments and plugged in the tree lights. When Lola came back down and saw the tree she said, "Mom, I didn't know it was going to be this beautiful!" she paused for a second then said, "it looks just like me!" She makes everything so much more exciting, I'm so glad I have her!

ME- I went to the doctor Yesterday and all is well, baby has officially taken over my body! Doctor said, no amount of tape will fix my belly button and that surgery is the best and safest way to go! ( no more scars from pulling off tape!) I am ready to be done, but not quite ready to have a baby. We haven't gotten any of the baby clothes out yet, we don't have a baby car seat anymore (expired) and we aren't quite sure where we are going to put the little fella, (1,000 square feet of house seems to be getting smaller my the minute!) but I am excited to see him!

side note- 34 weeks, gained 20 pounds (weight gain slowed down, thank goodness)

Tony and I are heading to St. George for our 6 year anniversary this weekend, can't wait to eat at all our favorite restaurants and have a little break from the kids before we have one more little babe on our hands!

Hope Everyone has a fabulous Christmas, 2009 has been SO good to us!