Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm caught up!

Yesterday was so beautiful we went to the park and had a really good time. Can it be nice and stay nice please?! I love the summer because trips to the park lead to long naps and a big break fo me. While at the park I ran into an old friend (Shanda Sue) it was her son Conner's Birthday, it was really funny because I ran into her last year on the same day same place. So I will plan on seeing you there next year Shanda!

Here is what happens at my house when you leave to go Grocery shopping!

I left to Walmart for about an hour and came home to this! Tony completely gutted our bathroom. It has been a dusty mess around here for the last couple of weeks and our bathroom situation has been pretty interesing to say the least. We have a towel for a door (No privacy) and we don't have any knobs on the tub so we have to us a wrench to turn the water on and off, it is pretty sweet. Tony just put in our new tub last Friday, it is a deeper soaking tub and it has been really nice, I can't wait until it is all the way done, it is hard to live like this with kids. I love that I have a talented motivated husband to do this kind of stuff, it really has been fun fixing up this very very old house!

Easter Fun!

We had a really fun Easter this year. We left our house early Saturday Morning for the big Easter egg hunt in Marysvale, it is fun because they have all sorts of toys and candy spread all over the park. When we got there everything was pretty much gone, and we were two minutes early (small towns are funny like that) Lola got three pieces of candy and someone gave Jesse one of their stuffed animals. We drove almost 2 and a half hours on hardly any sleep (Tony ripped apart our bathroom the night before- pictures to come) for three hersheys kisses. But Grandma and Grandpa made up for it and had a really fun egg hunt with toys, candy and quarters, the kids loved it. We also had a fun Birthday party for Jesse he is now 4 and funny as ever, Happy Birthday Jesse!

Story time and hide and go seek with Grandma Jane.
Cute new Easter clothes and swimsuits from Grandma and Grandpa.
Coloring eggs and the egg hunt. I don't think Lola could carry one more thing!
Goofy egg head bands on some goofy kids! Lola and Jesse Blowing bubbles-serious concentration Lola and Jesse being silly!

Provo Half Marathon!

I know what you guys are thinking, "I didn't know that Carrie was a runner?" That is because, I am not! The last week of February my sister Chellese posted on her blog that she was going to do this half marathon the first week in April, well I decided that I wanted to do something like this that would force me to exercise, so I decided to do it and I paid the registration fee and ran that day (about 2 miles) and a couple days later I ran again (about 2 and 1/2 miles) keep in mind that I really haven't been exercising so I felt pretty good about making it that far. Then on the 5th of march I found out that I was pregnant, so I felt like I shouldn't push myself too hard. Then the following week on the 10th I ended up miscarrying which I was OK with, (bummed, but felt like it was supposed to happen) but then I couldn't run for about another week, so I ran a total of four times before the race, and the farthest I had ran was 4 miles. The day before the race my shoes were really bothering me and I also had a blister on the back of my heel so I decided to by new shoes the night before. I also had a wart on the ball of my foot that was really bugging me, but I couldn't get it removed because it was too close to race time and I wouldn't be able to run on it. Also, I NEVER get diarrhea and right before I did, (Seriously, what the H? the universe was working against me!) sorry for all the details. Anyway, the day of the race came (April 4th) it was snowing and freezing cold. My goal was to make it to the halfway point (6.55 miles) before I stopped to walk, I felt pretty good that I made it 7.5 miles before I stopped, my knee started to hurt at mile seven, but I walked only short periods. It was funny I kept singing songs in my head like, "I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it, I'm a survivor, keep on surviving, I'm not, gonna give up , I'm gonna work harder!" and I also sang the ABC"S and head shoulders knee's and toes ( I think I need to get an MP3 player!) This is also where old ladies and really heavy people started to pass me and I seriously couldn't keep up with them, it was pretty discouraging, and motivating at the same time. When I got to mile 11 I stopped to shake my leg, to see if I could make the pain go away in my knee and I made it worse I didn't think I was going to be able to walk, I was mad at myself, because I knew I wouldn't be able to make my goal of 2 hours and 15 min, but I didn't want to do any permanent damage so I took it easy and ran carefully and somehow was able to cross the finish line. I made it in 2 hours 33 mins and I felt okay with that considering I was VERY unprepared and I stopped for a bathroom break, dang poop, slowing me down! Now I am excited to try another one in August (hobble creek) it is supposed to be a good one to start out on because it is all downhill, so if anyone wants to do it with me, I would love it! P.S. Thanks Chellese for doing this with me, you rock (under 2 hours!) it was fun and painful, and I love you!
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Family pictures -kinda (Collage, Minus Tony) Ha!

So If you guys know Tony then you know he refuses to do the whole"Family Picture" thing.
I am realizing that I am not getting any younger (especially this year, gray hair, wrinkles, etc...)
and that my kids won't have anything to look back on to see what I used to look like when they were young. So I have been attempting to take pictures of myself with them, which isn't very much fun, but until I can convince my better half to do some family pics this is what you get! A few Utah photographers have put out a challenge to take photos with your kids (one or all) once a week, and post them for the whole year, so this is what I am trying to do, and you all should do it too. I think it will be fun to look back on these when I am 80 and completely saggy, half blind/deaf, and gray-haired and see that I was young and silly once. My Mom has also commented to me on several occasions that I need to put pictures of Tony and I on here, since it is the Goulding family blog, so here you go Mommy! P.S. I took a side shot of myself (up in the top right corner) because I had a boyfriend once that told me I was beautiful from the side, I have always thought that was so funny, and he was always trying to get pictures of me from the side (it should be a Seinfeld episode or something) It makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it. I used to joke that if we got married we could send out announcements with a profile picture of me and a straight shot of him- kinda funny. I actually have to agree with him though, I think I look much better from the side ,but only my left side, the right not so good! Geez, will I ever feel comfortable in my own skin, can I just be a little kid again?!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I Really love putting Lola's hair in curlers even though it looks kinda crazy.
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Lola the 3-year-old Lady!

Lola Turned 3 on March 27th, this was an exciting Birthday for us, her Birthday was the same day that Tony finished his last Pharmacy rotation, Yeah! His rotation ended at the Delta Hospital, so went down on Wednesday (March 25th) and stayed until Sunday. It was really fun to be able to spend time with our families. We had a couple of parties and they both turned out really fun (I wish I had all the pictures my sister took) Tony's family has a really big Karate Dojo it was perfect for the parties. We had a Princess pinata, that after one swing from my Nephew Kaden (he is 12?) it was headless, so it had to be hung by it's arms instead. We had all sorts of competitions like- Who could hang the longest (My sister Holly was the winner with over Two minutes) I didn't realize how hard that is, I barely did a minute and I felt like my fingers were going to burst! Then we did the stick pull, where you sit on the floor with someone and put your feet together and whoevers bum lifts off the floor first loses. Lola and Holden (my nephew that is ten days younger than Lola) were going against eachother, that was the highlight of the night they were both screaming and crying but they wouldn't let go of the stick, Lola ended up winning and Holden was very upset to have lost to a girl. I really wished I would have video taped it, so funny! Cousin Sydney (she is the one in all the pictures) got presents for Lola that she had ordered from the book fair at school, she picked them out all by herself and even went and paid for them without her Mom, she is such a funny girl. She made Lola a card with a picture of her and Lola in matching dresses, then she gave her a Popper, a big poster of two Kittens (classic book fair stuff) and the book "You are Special". Lola wore her new Birthday outfit from My Mom and I and she was so excited it had pockets, she was trying to stuff as many things as possible in them. It was a really fun party, my Mom couldn't quit talking about it, she really wants a big room like that for get togethers, Me TOO! Then the next day we partied with Tony's Family because they were out of town on her Birthday. We did another Pinata, except this time it was a Flip-Flop, and much harder to break (we only had Jesse 4, and Lola to hit it) Tony ended up just breaking it open. We ate good food and had lots of fun. Tony's Mom and Dad gave Lola a Camera, and she was glued to it the rest of the night (Thanks Dick and Jane, she loves it!) Thanks to everyone for coming, and making it so much fun for us and thanks for all the nice gifts.

Three things I DIG about Lola

1- She Loves to Dress up, make up stories, and is super animated- Free entertainment!

2- She always says I Love you, and she completly adores me.

3- She is full of personality and spunk!

One quick story about Lola that happened Yesterday, I had just given the kids a bath and then put Ray down for a nap, then I went in to take a shower and while I was getting out Lola had this bath toy watering can and she dumped the whole thing out on the floor when I noticed her doing it I quickly grabbed it from her and asked her why she did it, and she said, "Ray did it!" and I said, "No he didn't he is in his bed!" I asked her again and she again said that Ray did it, then I said, " you don't lie to me Lola!" then she said, with a very concerned look on her face, "No, I do Like you!" She thought I said, "you don't like me Lola!" (Like I was commanding her not to like me) I couldn't help but laugh, because she really wants to be my best friend, and lucky for me she is!
Lola's Stats
Weight- 31.6 pounds
Height- 3Ft, 1 inches Posted by Picasa

I'm almost caught up!

If you can't tell, I am REALLY behind on my blogging, I almost wanted to just give it up because I felt overwhelmed about getting caught up, but this is for posterity right?! I just thought these pictures were too funny to leave out. Lola is always trying to get Ray to be in pictures with her, it cracks me up she is totally wrestling him (notice the head-lock) and all the while still smiling for the camera. That's my girl!
I love her lens free glasses, she got them as a prize when she want to the Doctor, (in case you were wanting some!) I especially like that the one side does not even sit on her ear.
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Lola's Birthday treats "practice run!"

I Saw these adorable Cupcake pops on Bakerella's website and
I thought they would be fun to make, then Lola walked in and saw
the Hello Kitty pops and said that was what she wanted for her
Birthday (NO PRESSURE!) So I searched high and low for all of the
makings and I first tried the little cupcakes, simple enough right? Well I
was all out of oil for the cake mix so I substituted applesauce instead
(BAD IDEA! It tasted great, but wrong consistency! I learned my
lesson - follow the directions!) The Cake worked fine for the mini cupcakes,
but when I attempted the Hello kitty pop, her whole kitty head fell off of the
stick and it was too squishy, and heavy (I blame the applesauce) when I tried to
retrieve it, it was totally munged up. It was supposed to look like the picture of the
clean white kitty's with the pick background, but instead I got a lop-sided lumpy
freaky kitty- But do you think Lola could tell the difference?..........Me neither, she was
so happy with it. I am really glad I did a practice run before the big day, they actually
turned out really cute (the Two that I made!) I wish that I had pictures, but my sister
was the one who took pictures of all the food, so this is all I have for now. So if anyone
wants to make these you should check out bakerella's website, I think they would be so
cute for a baby shower. Check ya later!

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Ray had a Birthday Shout Hooray!

We didn't do much for Ray's 1st Birthday Just had some Family
over for food, cake and Ice cream. (Thanks for coming!) Poor Ray
had the worst cold and his little nose was so raw from all the wiping.
(He still has this over a month later, what is up with that!?)

He was totally different then his sister when it came to digging into
the cake, he didn't hardly eat a thing if it weren't for his cousins
and Lola I don't know if he would have even touched it, which is strange
because he gets into everything! Lola was a huge mess on her first
Birthday and we actually had to remove her from Ray's cake because
she couldn't keep her hands off of it.

It sure has been fun to see this little boys personality come out. He makes the
cutest little sounds, he is always jabbering. He has been able to do the
motorboat-thing with his mouth since the day he was born (seriously!)
and he does it all the time, especially while pushing things around.

He still isn't walking but I am happy about that, he is way more into things that he
shouldn't be into than Lola was (Like the toilet and anything poisonous or dangerous,
I think "Danger" should be his middle name) he is always into something.

He loves to help me unload the dishwasher, it's so funny because he really gets mad
if I don't take the dishes from him he doesn't want me to get them out on my own.
He really has a mind of his own, he knows what he wants and he lets you know it.

He is still such a cuddly boy and I love that. He also has a tender heart, he gets his feelings
hurt so easy, but it is the cutest thing to see his little lips curl under and see his eyes water.
I love this boy so much!

His Daddy is seriously Crazy about him, he thinks he is the cutest baby ever and would
like it if the rest of our kids were just like him. (I think he feels pretty cool that he got a boy
that he can teach all his manly stuff to)

Happy Birthday baby Chuggies! We are so blessed to have you in our family and we love you A-LOT!

P.S. His favorite present was his Little Elmo airplane (Thanks G-ma and G-pa Goulding!) he rides
it like a champion!
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