Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!This last month has flown by for me. So much has happened , I will try to give a little summary of it all. This is the bath Foam Grandma and Grandpa Goulding gave Lola for Christmas, she loves it, she wants to take a bath several times a day (her skin is getting quite chappy!) Thanks Gouldings!
I love Rays kooky hair in this picture. He Just turned 10 months on the 27th and he is as sweet as ever. Some updates on him are: He loves to pull himself up and climb onto anything that he can, he especially loves the dishwasher, he cries every time I pull him away from it. He doesn't like to use his knees much, he slithers like a snake then slimes up stuff until he is on his feet (Talk about some serious upper body strength, the ladies are going to love him!) it's really funny. A few days ago I was taking a shower and when I got out I heard him crying, when I went to check on him he was standing at the coffee table with his head bobbing he was so tired but he didn't want to let go because his way of getting down is to fall, (He often bonks his head on the table) he REALLY needs to use those knees! He has two teeth on the bottom and he does some super cheesy grins. He nods his head yes and no. He started waving "Hi" like a little puppy dog, I don't really know how to explain it and he won't ever do it for me on camera, but it is so cute to me, he keeps his fingers together and bends his wrist up and down (sounds kinda femme) it reminds me of a little dogs paw when you ask a dog to shake your hand. Anyway, he is really cute!

Lola loves this stuff, I highly recommend it if you have a child that doesn't like to take baths, it also turns the bath water really green, kinda fun.

A Few weeks ago I gave Tony a Buzz and left him with a little Mohawk, don't they look like twins?

Side view, Rays is quite a bit longer. Last week at church a little boy in primary about 5 years old turned around and told me Ray needed a hair cut, I thought it was pretty funny, but I can't do it, I like his crazy hair too much!
The weekend after Thanksgiving I went to Roberts crafts because they were giving away free gifts to the first 100 customers, The gift was this snowman kit (minus the hat and mittens)Lola couldn't wait for it to snow so she could build a snowman. We built this the week of Christmas the snow wouldn't pack at all, so we just built a little pile and a tiny ball for a head. Lola was so cute, the whole time we were make it, she was giggling and kept saying, "This is gonna be fun!" and "I'm makin Frosty the snlowman" She says "Snow" but she adds an l sound, it's pretty cute!

Ray thought the snow was pretty fun too, I'm sure in a few months he will be playing right along with Lola. Lola has such a funny face in the background. Christmas update coming.................Soon!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have never been one for hats or scarfs, not because I don't think they are cute, but because I feel weird wearing them. This year I bought myself a few, and I'm debating on keeping them. Today I had Lola model them- she feels comfortable in anything (or nothing for that matter!) I think they are really cute-especially on her! Should I keep them? You can't see the hat very well, but it has two big buttons in the front and I love buttons. Anyway-I was messing around with photo shop and I think this picture is cute-kinda funky colors.

Tony taught Lola how to wink (she can't really do it, as you can see, she just kinda turns to the side and closes both eyes, pretty tricky!) and make a clicking sound when she does it, it cracks me up every time. She looks pretty funny doing it.

This is Lola's Halloween costume I made her (this is the only thing that I have sewn start to finish) last year, I have had it stored under our bed because it is too small, and it's not really a regular day to day get-up. Well, Lola has this amazing way of finding everything I don't want her to (can't wait till Christmas-no surprises!) and she found this and put it on and immediately started to shake her booty, I don't know why but I never get tired of her doing this, there is something so cute about her little round body shaken like crazy.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crazy Wonderful day!

This day didn't start out so well, I woke up at 5 am. because little Ray puked all over me, then I couldn't go back to sleep. (I'm really tired!) I took Lola to gymnastics, then took both kids to story time, which I love except I can't get Lola out of there. She loves books, and wants to take all of them home! We then went to walmart (rarely a pleasant experience, but I have to go for the good prices!) I was really craving homemade Cafe Rio, I had loaded my cart and needed two more items, When Lola said she needed to pee. She hadn't gone since before she went to bed at night, so I knew she REALLY needed too. I headed for the bathroom, and here is where my day went downhill. Remember she had gymnastics so she was wearing spandex tights and a leotard. I get to the bathroom and I'm trying to balance Ray on my hip and take off her clothes, leaving one leg still in her tights, to make redressing a little easier, then I go to lift her onto the toilet and it automatically flushes and splashes her. Lola wasn't liking that one bit and she wouldn't sit on the toilet, she kept saying, "try again later!" I kept saying, "No, we are not leaving until you go!" This girl has no problem peeing her pants just to get to me. I really didn't want to let that happen in my cart of groceries! Anyway, Lola won, she stood there, in a wide stance and said, "I'm going!" and peed all over the place, including all over my shoe, that's what really set me off, Gross! I was so mad at her she has never had a problem going on any other store toilets grrrr! I stood there in the stall with her for a few minutes, wanting to spank her, but instead I pulled on one of her pigtails, and then I pinched her ( I know this is terrible, but I was a little past my limit!). I didn't even want to come out of the stall, I was thinking what are the other people in here thinking, "abusive, Russian Mama's in the next stall!" I calmed down a little and opened the door, and there was a Wallmart worker that had just come in to clean the bathroom, I apologized for Lola peeing on the floor and she Held Ray while I washed Lola in the sink, I was so embarrassed! She also told me that I could have put my hand over the sensor and that would have kept the toilet from flushing. That would have been nice to know five minutes earlier, but can't you imagine that picture in the stall? Me holding Ray, balancing Lola on the toilet with my other arm and covering the sensor with my foot up in the air, too funny! (Can't wait to try it! NOT!) Then she gave me a gigantic sized plastic trash bag and told me I could wrap it around Lola, I thanked her and used it for the peed on items instead (I still had to finish my shopping!) then I looked in my bag and found a pair of under wear and a pair of knee high socks put them on Lola and strolled out of the bathroom looking like Mother of the Year! I got lots of looks, and felt pretty suckee. On the way home I told Lola sorry for getting mad at her, pulling her hair and pinching her, and that I think those toilets are scary too and we will have to make sure that she goes potty before we go to walmart! Lucky for me, Lola forgave me! She teaches me everyday that I need more patience, and Sleep! Sorry, you probably thought I was done, but I'm only about half way. When we got home from Walmart I put all my groceries away and went to set Ray in his high chair and I noticed that there was mouse poop in it, yuck! I don't even want to know how it got up there! I can't stand mice, they make me almost unfuctional, I can't sleep when I know we have one in our house and I hate not knowing where they have been or are. I wash all of my utensils before I use them just in case they got into the drawer, ewe! Back to my day. Our ward Christmas party was that night and Lola was asked to participate in the nativity program, as one of the Angels. I was thinking to myself, yeah, she will be a "GREAT" angel! Tony had to work and I really didn't want to take both kids by myself, but I am so glad I went! Right when I got there, I dished up my food and sat down, right then Ray puked all over himself and me (He hadn't thrown up since 5am. I thought he was all better). I wanted to leave right then, but instead I just took off his shirt and wiped off his pants, and hung in. Lola didn't eat her food, she spilled her entire cup of water all over, she ate only the frosting off of her brownie, then she wouldn't let me wipe off her face, and I'm thinking, "seriously, why am I here?" Just then they announced for the children participating in the program to go up on the stage to get ready. It was crazy, I told Lola it was time for her to go and get her Angel costume on, and just like that she turned into a complete perfect Angel. On the way up to the stage she was telling everyone she passed, "I'm going to be an Angel!" (This is not like her to talk to people she doesn't really know) Then I went and put her costume on and several of the kids were not wanting to do it, so I thought that Lola would decide not to do it either, but she was so cute, and let me get her dressed and put her tinsel halo on and never touched it and just smiled so sweet and angelic the whole time. When they opened the curtains Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus were the only ones on stage, but Lola peeked around the curtain so cute and waved to everyone, then while she was on stage, she stood perfectly still and had her hands all cupped together and had the sweetest look on her face, it was perfect. Then Santa came and we had to wait in line for almost an hour to see him, but I'm so glad we stayed, Lola was so cute. While we were in line I was prepping her and asking what she was going to ask Santa for and both times I asked she told me she wanted dress-ups, but when it was her turn she asked for a new baby doll with new clothes and a Binky, then she hugged him and touched his beard and his clothes so soft and told him thank you. It really was so cute! I had several people comment on how she was the perfect angel and how she really looked angelic up there on stage, I told them, I was surprised she did so good, and that if they would have spent the day with me they would have known why. She really was so friendly that night, she was hugging people left and right and letting them hold her and carry her around, she was so fun and sweet. I was so glad I went and I was really sad I didn't have Tony there with me to she the magical look on Lola's face, when she saw Santa. I really do Love my kids so much! I'm excited to watch them learn new things. I hope I can be a better Mom and continue to learn from them and grow with them, and enjoy my time with them, even when it's hard (tantrums in stores, potty training accidents, when they are sick, etc...) I know they will be gone way too quickly! Sometimes I wish I could reverse Lola back to a baby. I really don't know that she could have been any better of a baby, unless she was a toy doll (didn't need to eat or need diaper changes) she really was an amazing baby, and so much fun! Now she is so spunky and we butt heads, but I wouldn't change her if I could, she has so much personality and she is just as sweet as she is sassy, I Love Her. Ray is such a sweet baby too, he is so handsome and tenderhearted. It seems like he is always sick, I have to give him extra loves and hugs it makes me feel so close to him. I hope he will stay sweet forever!
I'm considering making her an Angel costume so I can see more of this angelic behavior at home!

I Love how she is holding her hands like that. And one of the wisemen couldn't stop picking his nose, I think he had his own treasure in mind!
Sweet Ray fell asleep while we waited in line, doesn't he look sweet. If I didn't know better, I would think this was the real Santa, he was amazing.

Ray woke up when I sat Lola on Santa with him, he was like where am I!

When we were leaving the party Lola said, "Santa is nice, he loves me!"