Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fast Learner!

I realize more each day that I need to watch what I say around Lola. She picks up on everything! A couple of weeks ago while driving in the car Lola was being really whiny, Tony said to her, "Lola, Pipe it!" she replied, "Pipe yourself!" We both thought it was so funny! We are in for it in her teenage years for sure! Then tonight I was turning on a movie for her (Enchanted, her favorite movie) and I walked in front of the TV a couple of times picking up some toys and such off the floor and I was also talking, Lola turned to me and said, "Mom, will you pipe up yourself? I can't see my movie, I can't hear!" It made me laugh, she asked me in really nice voice.
Another thing she said the other day, I was giving her a bath and Ray was playing in the drawers and cabinets in the bathroom pulling everything out and I said to him, "Geez kid!" and Lola said, "Jesus, kid!" and I said, "Lola, we don't say that." she said, "Sorry Mom." I thought it was smart of her because they have the same sound. She for the most part tries really hard to please me and she is so sweet. Anytime I say my stomach or head aches she is always quick to rub it for me. Sometimes when she is making me upset, and I say, "Lola, you are not making me happy!" she gets really sad and sometimes tears up and says, "Mom will you be nice to me? and "do you love me?" and I always reply, "if you will listen, then I will be nice, and I will always love you." It then, she says, "I will listen!" (It really pulls on my heart, I know she really wants me to be happy with her, she really cares about what I think and feel, she is a good girl.) It lasts about 30 minutes then I have to go through it all again. (short attention span!)
Here are some pictures of my new short hair, Thanks Heidi I love it!
I couldn't resist throwing this silly one in of Ray in Grandpa Dick's hat and Glasses, he looks pretty awesome!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday we were in the car on our way home from a family party and Lola said, "Mom will you give me a favor?" I said, "what do you want me to give you?" she said, "I'm so sleepy and creepy!" I said, "Sleepy and creepy?" she said, "yeah, sleepy and creepy and all that!" I'm not sure what she means by creepy, or why she asked for a favor, but it makes me laugh! Then I was getting her into her jammies and I was commenting on how long her legs are getting (she is no longer my chubby little girl) and she said, "yeah, my legs are creepy long!"

You say apologize, Lola says, "pologize." A few days ago I had her help me wash the car and when we were finished, Lola insisted on carrying the sponges around and she said to me, "these are my pologize friends" (talking about the sponges) then Ray took one from her and she said, "give me back my pologize!" It makes me laugh that she uses words in the completly wrong context (she gets that from her momma!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She makes me Laugh!

I have really been slacking about writing the things down that Lola says and does, I am going to try to do better. A while back I posted about Lola giving everything the name Sodyona, I don't know why, but it is still her favorite. Last week she was going to the bathroom and Tony was in helping her and she went poo, Tony was totally flabbergasted at what he saw, he said to her, "That is a monster poo Lola!" and she said, "I call that Monster Sodyona!"

She is so funny, lately she has been telling me what to say, EXAMPLE- I will be changing Ray's bum and she will say, "I'm going to get Ray a toy so he will hold still, tell Ray I am getting him a toy!" As if he can't hear her saying it when she is right there next to him. Another one- Ray will do something funny and Lola will start to Laugh, then she will say, "tell Ray I am laughing" It totally makes me laugh, does she think he can't hear her laughing and that he can only hear me telling him that she is laughing!?

She loves to dance and when I turn down the radio for any reason she promptly tells me to turn it back up. When we are in the car heading to a store and about to get out she will say, "can we stay in the car until this song is over" then she will ask me to dance with her in our seats, it is so funny to watch her dance in her car seat, she really can bust a move!

Today she was out heping me work in the yard, I was trying to soften up the dirt in our soon to e flower bed and each time I would stick the shovel in and pull out a clump of dirt she would get so excited and and run over to me and pick up a dirt claud and say, "look what I found, it's my magic, it's mine cuz I found it." She is so fun that way, she is always making up stories and she get so animated and excited about things, she is a fun funny girl!

P.S. Lola loves Dragons right now, we have to make up several dragon stories a day, she can't get enough of them!

Ray- just started to say uh-oh, and it is really cute.
also I cut his hair and I am really sad about it! I will post pictures later.

Somebody stop me!

Over the last ten years (pretty much) I have been trying to grow my hair out, with no success. I have one bad hair day and I can't contain myself, I grab the scissors and that's the end of it! So since last June I decided I needed to go to a professional hairstylist, lucky for me I have a great friend (Heidi-pants) who does hair so I have been going to her since then. I have only given myself a few small trims in between visits to her, and have felt pretty confident that I was finally going to have the long layered hairstyle that I have been waiting for all these years. Well, that all came to an end last week. I was packing all my things getting ready to head to Delta for a few days and I decided I needed a trim and thin my hair out a little bit, so I parted my hair off and carefully trimmed and thinned my hair layer by layer as I went, when I got to the top layer, I trimmed the ends off and then I grabbed a large section of hair on the back of my head that I was going to thin (while I was cutting my hair my kids were running around me pulling on my pant legs and asking for EVERYTHING!)and I grabbed the wrong scissors! I chopped it off and some of the pieces are only two inches long, I can't believe I did that! So I had to cut my hair back into an a-line (again!) and it is still really uneven, but I have scheduled an appointment with Heidi and I really hope Tony will hide my scissors!

Just making faces!
This was me the day I cut (chopped!) my hair, it was getting so long, sad! I will post pictures as soon as I get it cut, professionally that is!
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Yada,yada, yada!

Our bathroom is coming right along, we have been taking strictly baths at our house for almost 2 months, we are so happy to finally have the tile in and the shower head back on, yeah for showers!

We are still using a towel for a bathroom door and I'm actually going to miss it, it has been really convienent for drying our hands on the way out, and also great for games of peek-a-boo with little Ray boy- good times!
Playing with Cousins is always a great time!
My little cheese-eaten posers!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Time!

My good friend Jamie and her Husband are ready to adopt, I am so excited for them, they will be great parents! Please spread the Love , here is their profile link-