Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweet Little Prayer!

Yesterday I made myself a milkshake, I asked Lola if she wanted a bite she said, "No, Pray!" I asked her if she wanted to say it and she said "yes!" and proceeded to say her prayer, "Daddy be safe, and mommy,hodo,hudda,Chellese,hodo,hudda,house.............Amen." I thought it was so cute, I haven't had her say the prayer before, so I was suprised that she didn't want any help. I guess we can never underestimate these little people. I didn't even think about blessing the Milkshake, I know it isn't good for me, so I can't really bless that it will make me healthy and strong, but I can be thankful for it cuz it is so stinking good! I love you Lola!

Tulip Festival!

These flowers were my favorite. They look like they should be in Hawaii, or somewhere tropical. I think that's where I should be too........Maybe someday!!!

Cute cousin Holden enjoying the scenery.
These tulips were the prettiest by far, most of them still haven't bloomed! We wish daddy could have come, he had a hard test today. We are going to Marysvale tomorrow to do some 4-wheeling so that should be a fun break for Tony.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jumping Ninny!

This kid loves to jump on our bed, she does it at least once a day, it's usually right after I make it. I think part of the fun is throwing off all the pillows.

Watch out comes Lola!

Since Lola was about 13 months old she hasn't liked to go down slides, she only wanted to climb up to the slide, then turn around and go back down the stairs. I'm sure you can imagine the fights she was getting into with the kids that did want to go down the slide that would have to wait for her to climb down everytime. Well, we went to the park yesterday and the Old Lola is back and as CRAZY as ever! She can catch some serious air on the slides and she climbs like a chimp,, and before her feet even touch the bottom of the slide she says, "do again!". So if anyone is up for going to the park with us, come on over, I'm sure we will be hitting it up a-lot!

Well here is Lola "kaysie hair" (crazy hair) She tells everyone they have kaysie hair in the morning. I wish I looked as cute as she does in the morning. Her latest thing is taking off her pants, she does it about 10 times a day. she says it's because her bum hurts, she also says that when she wants to be held and when she doesn't want to go to bed. she totally knows how to work the system.
This is one of Lola's trademarks. She loves wearing hats usually several right on top of one another. it is pretty entertaining to watch her stacking those hats trying not to let any of them slip off. She also routinely wears my shoes, which is nice because I can hear wear she is clomping around so it is harder for her to get into trouble.

I love this sweet boy. He is eight weeks old today, I can't believe how fast the the time goes by.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lola's new LOVE........the Bouncy chair!

So this is Lola taking a snooze with her baby doll Claire. She is clearly too big for the bouncy chair, she is almost touching the ground. She loves it sooo much she will eat sleep and watch her favorite shows completly content. I guess she is our little bouncy chair potatoe. She has never napped so good as she does in the bouncy chair. She will nap three to four hours in that thing, maybe she is reverting back to babyhood, who knows?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

this one cracks me up, too funny!

Ray looks like he needs to take care of some business.

shaken her groove thang!

I took Lola and Ray to have their pictures taken One week before Lola turned two, and Ray was three weeks old. I just got the pictures back Yesterday and I can't wait to get them framed. I have had these cute frames Tony made me two years ago that have been empty, sitting in their room, he will probably fall over when he sees I actually put pictures in them. I will have to take a picture of their room, it isn't finished yet, but it is looking quite cute.

Twice in one week Lola got into the lotion, she loves it. I used to put lotion in her hair when it was short to keep it from getting frizzy. Now whenever I give her a squirt of it I tell her not to put it in her hair. Well,we left the room for one minute, and this is what we found. As soon as she saw me she started pumping the lotion as fast as she could, it all went strait to the hair, it wasn't very fun to wash out either! Silly girl.

This is a card my friend Dallas made for me, she is so talented, I need to learn Photoshop! Lola is so fun, she comes into whatever room I am in and says; "be back in a mini" (minute) and holds up one finger, she usually comes back in more like five seconds, but it is really cute. she also puts on my shoes, grabs her purse, and tells me she is going "bye-bye", when I ask where she is going she says, "Hodo, Hudda" for cousins, Holden and Hudson. Right before she is about to depart she says, "oh, keys". (don't know where she gets that!) I forget my keys 4 out of 5 times when trying to leave.

This is Lola the first time she asked me to put make up on her. She was so excited to come show Dad "Tone" is what she calls him. He was mad at me for putting makeup on her, but i figure, better me than her. Now everytime I'm getting ready she asks for sparkle eyes and sparkle lips, how can you say no to such a sweet little face?

Sorry I am doing alot of backtracking here I am such a slacker, and I don't scrapbook or write things down, so before i completly forget everything, I thought I would make up for it now. Lola has lost most of her curls, so I tried once again to bring them back with sponge rollers. This time it went even more out of control. She loves it!
This was Lola meeting Baby Ray, she was so cute, she kept petting his hair, and saying "soft" and she kept saying, "tiny baby". Lola has such a sweet, unsure look on her face. There is nothing like a new baby, melts my heart. I had a cold, so I had to wear a mask, I started coughing the second we got in the car to go the the Hospital, bad timing huh.
This was the first time I saw him, he was about six hours old. he swallowed fluid and was having a hard time breathing so the nurses had to take him away. Lola did the same thing, I must have sugar fluids or something! Does'nt he look like Lola?

This is Ray when he was only four days old, don't you just want to pinch his cheeks?!

I had to throw these pictures in, this is what lola looks like more often than not. There is just something so sweet about this crazy hair, not-fixed-up-look that I love.

They are sooooo sweet!
Lola takes such good care of her baby, she copies everything I do with baby Ray, from diaper changes to nursing, if you can imagine, it's pretty cute. sometimes her baby Claire makes more work for mom because, she has to go everywhere with us and all the loading and unloading of her accessories, it makes me feel like I have three babies. I guess it's good preperation for me since I'm not on any birth control, ahhhh! knock on wood!!!!!
This was lola's second birthday, she was so excited, she helped me blow up balloons and decorate. her favorite presents were; her babydoll and accessories from grandma jane, and the carmel popcorn grandma Lana made for her. Thanks for coming!

Here is Ray at one month, it is also Lola's Birthday, Grandpa Scotty bought him, Sweet baby Ray's Barbeque sauce. It is half his size.

Baby Ray is here! (he's been here a while!)

So we have a new addition to our family. Ray Anthony arrived on February 27th at 4:40a.m., he weighed 7lbs, 12oz, and was 20inches long. He was two weeks early. I was glad I didn't go to my due date he would have been huge! Now it is April and he is HUGE! at my six week check-up he weighed almost 12 pounds, so I am curious to see what he weighs at his 2 month check. He is super sweet, he looks alot like Lola did, so I loved him right away. Lola loved him right away too, but about a week later she wasn't so sure about this "baby Ray" person, she wanted to leave him everywhere we went, if we were leaving the house I would go to load her in the car first and she would say, "By baby ray!" and at the stores she says; "baby Ray, leave!" and is dissapointed when I put him in the car to come back home with us. She has warmed up to him though. She calls him "geeky baby" this is supposed to be "squeeky baby" because he makes lots of funny sounds. She also calls him "Farty bum" I'm sure you can figure that one out. I'll post the pictures in order so you can see how much he has grown.