Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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Friday, December 10, 2010


I Love Shutterfly!

I am so excited to order my Christmas cards this year! I am having a hard time choosing just one because Shutterfly has such an awesome selection of cute cards to fit all styles. I might have to order more than one. The really cool thing about Shutterfly is that you don't have to place a minimum order of 25-50 cards like other photo companies I've looked into so if you like several cards but can't decide, you can split up your order (have your cake and eat it too) AWESOME! Here is a card that I did a couple of years ago:

I got so many compliments on it. They are really nice quality cards, thick card stock. Another thing I love about them is they have lots of sales, so you can start a project like these cute photo books, (so awesome if you're NOT a scrapbooker like me, and so much cheaper and less work). Get it all done on their website, then wait for a sale and order it! They even offer promotions where you can get their products free, just pay for shipping. Can't beat that! So sign up for Shutterfly and start saving. Right now you can get 50 free photo cards if you do a blog post about them before Dec 17th so get on it, they are awesome! Happy Holidays! I Love You Shutterfly!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snow in April?

SNOW, WHAT? April 2010

I Can't believe it snowed this much in April, but the kids didn't seem to mind.
We made a Snowman, but Lola was the only one brave enough to stand by him for a picture. Ray was a little sketchy about Mr. Snowman, maybe next year?
Two cute and cozy kids!

Rays Attitude face in these pictures makes me laugh!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Carver 8 months old Oct, 4th 2010

My not so little Pumpkin, I want to squeeze you!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

For sale!

For Sale! My Sister is selling this cute Navy twin bed with trundle, it is practacally brand new (she just switched to bunkbeds so she could cram all three kids into one room), she bought it for $500 and is selling it for $200. the picture doesn't do it justice, it has bead board and is super cute, so if you are interested Call her (Chellese) @ 212-569-1024 or e-mail her @ chellesebunker@yahoo.com Thanks! She is also selling this cute mirror. the frame is 19 & 3/4 square by 2 inches and has a 8x8 inset mirror with some paint it would look brand new. she is selling it for $15.oo. I want both of them, but my house is way too small, darn!

Thanks So much!


Thanks everyone for all of your prayers, texts and phone calls, it really means so much to me. Ray's problem is still a mystery, but his tests came back normal, well kinda. He doesn't have Cancer which I was so worried about (why do Doctors even mention that if they don't know?) we did find out that he is allergic to Chicken and Eggs, two things that he NEVER eats anyway. So now we are trying some new Doctors and trying to get some help from a dietitian. Ray doesn't eat hardly anything, we switched him from Soy milk to rice milk to see if anything changes, he doesn't like it really and he keeps asking for "different milk" which is hard for me to hear since he really only eats about a handful of things all of which aren't all that good for him. Yesterday I told him he needed to eat some food and he was crying and said, "I don't know how?" it breaks my heart, I don't know if what he is eating is causing all the swelling in his little body and so he is scared to eat because it will hurt or if he is worried about throwing it up (he has this problem too) he will shudder when I put certain foods in front of him, so sad. We are working with a really good Doctor that wants to see him weekly, so I feel like we are in good hands. Also want to try a holistic approach and see what kinds of remedies they come up with (Thanks Kristin! Love your guts!) Anyway just wanted to give a little update, and say thanks to all of you. So................. Thanks! P.S. Disneyland was a blast, Tony was converted, and is now talking about season passes, that guy is so unpredictable! Check back for the last 7 months (gasp!) of posts, I know I always say I'm going to update, but this times for REAL!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Please Pray For Ray!

don't know what happened to my titles? Anyway, my baby Ray is really sick, this is not a new thing he has been sick more of his little life than not. We have taken him to get lots of tests done in the last year, and two more the last couple weeks and finally an Endoscope found several abnormal lumps, swelling and bleeding in his esophagus and stomach. We are now waiting for the lab results (hopefully by Tuesday) I am worried sick about him, I can't sleep and we have our first family vacation to Disneyland tomorrow, I just hope we get good news or our trip that we have had planned for over a year won't be too cheery. Please pray that his sweet little body can get better, I need him in my life! Thanks so much! I love you all!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lola is 4!

Lola is 4!


The Guests, well some of them!

Here's all of them, what a cute bunch!

She makes such a cute Care Bear (So glad she changed her mind about having the Mario and Luigi party)
Grandma Jane didn't disappoint on the amazing cake
Thanks for all the awesome gifts everyone, and thanks so much for coming!

This video is Awesome! Poor Ava had no idea who she was messing with trying to assist Lola in blowing out HER Birthday candles, so funny! I wish I would have been video taping from farther back because Lola's little feet were throwing a pretty good fit under the table!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cousins! July 30th 2010

Lola and Stacey.

Baby Ava, Lola, Stacey, Ray, and Carver.

Lola and Ava.  We sure do love all of our cousins!

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My Cute Boys! July 30th 2010

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Utah lake July 29th 2010

Have I seriously only posted the month of July? this blogging stuff is so overwhelming! Go Carrie, you can do it!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun in the sun July 28th 2010

Such a perfect day! I Love the summer, please be a good one in 2012!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lola Said:

I'm so FAR behind on my blogging I don't know where to begin, I still have Snowman pictures, Lola's Birthday (way back in March) and all of Carvers monthly pictures to post, but since I don't want to forget the funny things Lola is constantly saying I'm posting them first!

Today Lola said to me, "Mom, I Never cried when I was a baby huh?" I said, "You cried sometimes but hardly ever, you were such a good baby!" She said, "I was a horribly good baby huh?!" I love that she knows all these BIG words but not exactly how to use them, sure makes our lives entertaining!

About a month ago we were driving home from Salt lake and Lola started talking about how everyone gets old and dies and how she doesn't want to get old, then she said, "I don't want to die and go the heaven" and I said, "How come? Where do you want to go?" She said, " I want to just stay at your house and play with my Barbies for a long time!" I said, "Don't worry Lola, you will have lots of time to play with your barbies. You will love Heaven it is beautiful and your body will be perfect and it won't ever hurt and you will feel good and not get sick. Did you know that Jesus was perfect? He was the only person who lived on the earth that was perfect, and didn't make any mistakes! We need to try really hard to be like Jesus so we can live in heaven with him and our families forever. " She said, "Are you perfect like Jesus?" I laughed and said, "No, I make lots of mistakes every day!" She said "I make mistakes too huh? Then with a smirk on her face, she said "I like that word....... MISTAKES!(giggle giggle)" I just hope she doesn't like them TOO much!

Carver sneezed in Lola's face the other day and Lola said, "Carver just bless-you'd right in my face!" She calls sneezes "bless you's".

Lola and Ray were helping me put stuff in the deep freezer out in the shop last week and Lola said, "Ray you are a special special boy, you make me so happy! she began to dance around, and she said, "you make me dance and my heart happy!" I just love to watch them play together, Lola is always the leader and Ray mimics EVERYTHING she does, cutest thing EVER!

Today we spent several hours outside (perfect day!) Lola and Ray helped me plant flowers and then later they played in the sprinkler. They were pretending that they were taking showers in it or that it was a swimming pool and they were acting out diving motions into the sprinklerhead (pretty entertaining if you ask me!)then they would run and lay on their towels to dry off then they would walk over to me with thier umbrella's and come and say, Lola- "Bye Mom we are going to the store!" then Ray would follow her every move, except for some reason he was pretending I was Grandma, he said, "You not Mom anymore, you Gamma" then they would walk around the yard for a couple of minutes then act surprised to see me and come running and give me kisses and tell me, "I missed you so much Mom!" and "I missed you so much Gamma!" they did this for almost an hour it was pretty cute watching Lola with her little shadow/echo!

Hope to be back to speed with blogging soon, wish me luck!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Carver 1 month

You sure are sweet little Carver. I love your sad crying face, you have the lip pout down!
Love, Mommy



This is so hilarious! I can't wait to own one. Thanks for sharing Jen.

Sunday, April 11, 2010



February 27th was Rays Birthday, he turned two. We had family and a few friends over for a pinata, food, cake and ice cream. He Loves, Loves, Loves, Thomas right now so his Grandma Jane went all out and made him this adorable Train cake, she felt horrible that a few hours before the party it started to slip and was a little crooked, but no one noticed. Thanks for all your hard work Jane! We also filled his room up with almost 500 balloons, it was great entertainment for the kids, running back and fourth through them and having crazy static hair. I didn't take very many pictures I am horrible lately. Good thing Grandma took some. Thanks everyone for coming and for all the great toys, Ray really loves them.

I can't believe you are two already, where did the last year go? You are such a sweet boy (most of the time) but you sure have the scowl look down too. You have the sweetest little voice and you love to sing, your singing voice is my favorite, it is pretty high! You also have the most adorable fake laugh, I wish I could record it, it is almost better than your real laugh, almost! When you are mad, I can always make you laugh by tickling your belly, or legs and your mood quickly changes. You and Lola love to play pretend, you like to turn out the lights and use a flash light to look for snipes (you love the movie 'UP' right now) or hide in the closet. When Lola is mean or takes away your toys, you will come and tell me, "Lola, naughty boy!" It is so cute. You love to sleep on your puppy pillow and you love to listen to the polar express cd at night. You still carry Thomas everywhere you go and you love to build train tracks with daddy. You like to push your trains around the tracks on your hands and knees rather than turn them on and let them go around themselves. You always tell me 'Thank you, Mom' when I say I love you, and I love it! You are so handsome and cute, I love to look at your beautiful eyelashes when you are sleeping, I am definetly jealous of those puppies! You take the cutest pictures but you aren't very cooperative these days. I can't get a picture of my three kids together to save my life, impossible I tell ya! You love baby Carver and you always say, "Carber so cute!" and "Bye baby monkey". You are also saying, "I do it myself" and "let go of me" when I am trying trying to help you eat or get dressed. You counted to ten the other day, and I had no idea you knew how. You are super smart and can say anything. Lola is a really good teacher, she will sit and show you picture books and tell you what things are and have you say them, it is so nice to watch you learn from her. I know you two will always be close. You love your Daddy, you are always pretending to talk to him on the phone when he is away at work. You usually say, "Hi Dad, guess what? oh good!" Ray, thank you for being mine. I sure am happy heavenly father sent you to me, I love you too much! Love, your Mama

Ray your the man, my little man. I love how you always want to help do stuff, and how you love to run all the batteries down on my power tools. You are a good worker and are always busy, busy. One of my favorite things you do, is any time I crouch down and open my arms you always run and give me a big squeeze. I thought it was so funny when me and you went to get a hamburger from In and Out and from the back seat you could see Mc Donalds as we drove by and you just kept saying over and over "want... go... Donalds dad." Then you did the same thing on the way back. Jarod was in the car and that really cracked us both up. You love to get me drinks from the fridge and will always share you food with me. I love to see how excited you get when we finish a track or when you put money in your piggy bank all by your self. Its always the fist and elbow then an excited YES as you do your little happy dance. Your the best Ray, thanks for being my boy. Love, Daddy

Ray is two!
Ray is two!
Ray is two!
Ray is two!
Ray is two!