Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Summer-

We Re-roofed our house, so glad it no longer leaks! Thanks so much to everyone that helped- much appreciated!
We tried new hairstyles on Lola. Here she is displaying a shampoo-set, pretty snazzy! Ray tried NOT to EVER wear clothes, and he was mostly sucessful!
Lola went through a phase of wearing as many acessories as possible and carrying a purse or two full of "treasures" (aka crap!)
We had a sleep over with cousin Kael, and made lots of funny faces! Tried to limit the acessories here, I was sucessful on the hair clips, not the bracelets! Hey, you win some you loose some right?!
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I & A said...

Cute pictures! Your kids are adorable. Thanks for having us over last week, it was so much fun and we love seeing you guys!

Susanna said...

Your kids look like so much fun and of course they are both absolutely adorable!! Lola sounds like such a girly-girl:)

Chellese said...

Kael is a cutie. I feel like I haven't seen him in forever.

Love the accessories, Lola.