Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Summer!

We went to several parades, had the kids faces painted a few times, the face painters are so quick and it only costs a .50 cents. They pump the kids in and out in a minute or less. I was seriously considering being a face painter for a second after we left, Tony thinks I'm silly! ($30 bucks an hour, and the line of kids NEVER stops!) Not to shabby to be a Carni worker!
I was watching my sisters kids, they were all in Lola and Rays room and it got really quiet, so I thought I better go see what kind of mess they had made and was pleasantly surprised to find them all dressed up in hats and mittens, actually got me pretty excited for winter, I love winter hats. Ray really grew up this summer, he all of the sudden knew how to play with the BIG kids, crazy how time flies!
Lola started Preschool this year and really Loves it, she goes with one of her favorite friends Aspen so that is extra fun for her. She is really doing well, she can write her name and knows most of her letters and some of the sounds. I am happy she is excited about learning.
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