Monday, August 25, 2008

She's full of it!

Tonight Lola came up to me and said, " Mom, look my kids, they cute kids huh?"
Then she was putting them all over herself and asking me to take pictures of her and her "cute kids".
She thinks she is so neat when she comes up with these ideas, I just know it!
After this picture she was holding the monkey and the frog up to her chest and said,
"I'm feeding my kids Mom, take a picture". I declined.
Some other funny/cute/smart things Lola has said and done this week are: Tonight I was giving her a bath she laid back and dunked her head under the water when she came up she said, "like Jesus do, and like Chase do" She went to my Nephew Chases baptism, it was months ago and we have never mentioned it since, it really is amazing the minds these little people are blessed with. This morning she was in the other room and I was listening to her talk to herself ,or at least I thought she was talking to herself, then I peeked around the corner and she was talking to the three bears on the mobile on the baby swing, she was saying, "you have poopy bum? need a wipe? ok" She had a wipe and asked each bear those questions then wiped each of their tiny bums, she always gets me! She is so sweet, funny, spunky, crazy, naughty, loving, thoughtful, and stinkin cute, I don't know what I would do without her in my life!
Things she says that I will be so sad when she can say the right way:
amember (remember)
yestaday (yesterday)
bay Ray (baby Ray)
Peas (please)
Ganks (Thanks)
kampa (Grandpa)
Aunt sheesh (aunt Chellese)
puter (computer)
My bums cackin ( when her diaper gives her a wedgie)
We love the way Lola says "yes" right now, I don't know how to explain it, but it is so cute, she sounds like a little southern bell, she has such a cute, sweet, little voice.
There are so many funny things she says and does, but I can't think of anymore right now, I need to be better at writing things down so I won't forget.
We were watching the Olympics and Lola said, "what that?" I said; "it's a runner in the Olympics in China" she said; "oh, I know China, I like China!" She kills me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Deals, St.George, and Poison control!

Last weekend we went to St. George for the first time since we moved, and it was so fun, we didn't want to leave. We went with Tony's family for a wedding. We love it there so much, we had such a great time swimming and eating good food, we wish we had more time so we could have visited with some old friends. While we were there I wanted to do some shopping, I just had to share these sweet deals I got. I bought twenty seven items for my kids at old navy for $51.00 my average on each item was $1.91, isn't that flippin amazing?! I even bought stuff for my next baby girl, even though I don't know if I will get another one (no, I'm not pregnant.....yet!) I couldn't resist, so cute and under two bucks c'mon! Thanks Dick and Jane!
Tony and I even went on a date (mini date for a slice of pizza and a little walk) thanks again Dick and Jane!
This was Ray after Lola decided to feed him toothpaste, he has NEVER smelled so fresh!
I read on the toothpaste; "if swallowed more than the amount used for brushing, contact poison control" I was a little worried, but they said he would have had to of swallowed 4 Tablespoons, I knew he didn't eat that much, because most of it was on him. I don't know what to do with Lola, she is in to everything!
We went to Tucanos for Tony's dad's Birthday, it was so good. Ray was loving the watermelon, I have a video of him eating it, but it's kinda long, he would let out a squeal everytime Tony took it away from his mouth, he is so cute.
We also went swimming on his birthday at Tony's Grandparents pool, it's really fun, it has a slide and a diving board. Lola insisted on wearing her swim diaper cover over her swimsuit, it kept filling up with water, but you know, she has to have her fashion say about everything.

Don't mind where Tony's hand is, he was just about to squish the water out of Lola's Bum pants!
Grandma Jane bought Lola this sweet floating swimsuit, we think she looks like a body builder in it. She also wants to wear this around town.

She looks kinda crazy in this picture, but I still think she is cute.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Parkin it up!

Ok, so trying to get pictures of Lola at the park was no easy feat. I was literally running after her to get them, but I think I got some cute ones. The coloring isn't very good because the red slide was reflecting onto her pale skin. I love the summer!
She was running the entire time, I love this age, when they can really enjoy themselves.
I thought this one was funny, she was talking to herself, trying to climb up the ladder. she almost fell off every time, scarey!
Cheesin the best way she knows how.
I Love this one, it's my favorite.
She was flying down the slide, she caught some wicked air a couple of times.
I feel bad I don't take as many pitures of Ray, but it seems like they always look the same. He's always just sitting there with his cute little face. I promise Ray, I love you just as much as Lola.