Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lola said-

I was pouring Lola a Bowl of cereal and she said, "Mom, now put the milk on it and that will be the finishing touches!"

I was helping Lola in the bathroom and I heard Ray shouting from the Living room, "Ray poop! Ray poop!" so I walk out and find him with his Jammie pants around his ankles and his poopy diaper off and all tangled up in his pants. Poop was smeared down his legs and all over his hands, sick! I started cleaning him up and Lola walks in and says, "This is a very messy situation!"

Lola- "Mom, I made a Patter-rhen"
me- "It's pattern!"
Lola- "Patter-rhen"
me- "No, It's PAT-TERN!, PAT-TERN!"
Lola (Mumbling under her breath) "I'm saying it right, I said it right!"
me- "what did you say?"
Lola- "I'm right!"
She is very sure of herself!

I was driving and talking to Tony on the phone, and Lola said, "Mom talking on the phone while your driving is dangerous, it's a safety violation!" I said, "I know, who taught you that? She is spending way too much time on the computer (playhouse Disney)

Lola, I don't know how we ever survived with out you, you sure are a funny little girl, we love you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three weeks!

I Can't believe Carver is one month old Today, Crazy! These are a couple of pictures from his three week photo shoot. enjoy! I threw in a couple of Ray and Lola, so they wouldn't feel left out.
I love this Picture of Lola and her cousin Holden. They are only ten days apart, I think they look like they could be brother and sister.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One week!

A BIG THANKS to my Sister Chellese (cbcg photography) for taking these for me. If you need pictures give her a call at (801)822-9999 she is awesome!
CarversleepingBWcopyweb This picture cracks me up. Tony always does squishy faces to our kids, so I love that Carver is doing it to himself at only one week!
Three for three - Looks like baby #3 is blue-eyed as well. I should have married a black guy- just kidding Tony! I love you!
-Read Carvers birth story below.

The Arrival of Babe #3!

I know, I'm pathetic at blogging and that baby #3 is almost 1 month old (tomorrow!) and it seems as though we don't care about the little guy, but that couldn't be farther from the truth, he is absolutely adored at the Goulding house.

Birth Story-

I was supposed to be induced a week early January 28th, I was traveling to Delta to have him, and I was worried that I wouldn't make it to the Hospital in time. Tony took two weeks off of work and we planned on spending a week at my Moms house and then a week at his house. I couldn't wait to be spoiled with good meals and lots of attention for Lola and Ray so I could just hold the new babe. Well, nothing went as planned. I drove to Delta for my last apt on the 26th and my Doctor decided that the 28th wouldn't work for him and he had a basketball game the next day and they aren't allowed to do inductions on Saturday or Sunday, so I would have to wait until Monday the 1st of Feb. What? I was irked to say the least, but I hung out in Delta for a couple of Days, thinking I would go into labor on my own, but nothing happened. I decided to drive back home and on my way I got a speeding ticket, then I was just plain ticked! I kept thinking, if I were having a baby I would be in the hospital and I wouldn't have gotten this stupid ticket, Lame! We also had planned on getting our kitchen counter tops and sink put in on the 1st and so we decided to just go home and get a few things done before the baby came. We (Tony) painted the living room and the kitchen and we got the cabinets all cleared out and ready to install the counter tops. They were supposed to come around 1:00 on Monday, they called at 3:00 and asked if they could come the next day, I laughed to myself and thought, "why not, this baby is NEVER going to come!" So we spent the rest of the day and night getting everything squeaky clean and were anxiously awaiting the new counter top, and dying to have this new baby! The counter top guys arrived around 10:00a.m. and we decided to run a few errands, when we got back the entire house was covered in dust. I decided that I couldn't handle anymore construction messes and we decided to pack it up and head to Delta the next day. I called and scheduled to be induced on my due date Feb 4th because Tony's time off was shrinking and I was worried the baby was going to be huge. They had scheduled me to come in at 6a.m. Ridiculous! I am so not a morning person. I was really nervous about being induced, that night I said a couple of prayers that I would go on my own. At 2:30a.m I was dreaming that I was having a contraction and I woke up and I really was, it was crazy. I decided to get up and pack my hospital bag and get the kids clothes out for my Mom. I kept forgetting to time my contractions, I would have one then I look at the clock and say to myself, "what time did the last one happen?!" (Still not quite awake) Then at 3:00a.m. I had another one and I was able to keep better track, they were every 5 minutes so I woke up Tony at 3:30a.m., he got ready, gave me an amazing blessing (He had a strong impression that Grandpa Ray was there) then we headed to the hospital. We arrived a little before 4:00a.m. and I got my epidural around 5:30a.m. and I had him at 7:45a.m. He took a lot more pushing than the couple of pushes for Lola and Ray. I pushed for 40 minutes, I now can see how pushing can be exhausting. He weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 20 and 1/2 inches long. I couldn't believe how chubby he looked. Both Tony and I felt really emotional this time. I don't know exactly why, but it was really neat. We are all so happy to have him here! Lola wants to take care of his every need, and is right beside me when I am doing anything for him. She was so cute, when she first got to meet baby Carver and hold him, she sang him song after song, it was so sweet, she kept saying, "he likes me to sing to him!" Ray keeps saying, "I hold mim!" and, "baby, Carber sad" anytime he hears him cry.
Side story- Another reason it took me so long to post anything is because of his name. We didn't have one, or I didn't. At the hospital the nurses kept calling him a "she" because several girl babies had recently been born. When Tony went to give the baby his first bath, the nurses were saying, "he needs a name so we can quit calling him a "She"! Tony said, "it's Carver Rockwell!" I had liked the name Carver months before we had him and then it kinda faded for me. A week before we had him Tony decided he really liked it, and started calling him that in my tummy, and he would be saying prayers with the kids and I would hear him in the other room, saying, "Please bless Mom and baby Carver......." and I would think to myself, "What, not fair?!" But I still didn't have a name that I loved. After the baby was born and they brought in the birth certificate info for me to fill out, and nurses and visitors coming in and out and I was so tired, I just jotted down the name, thinking I have ten days to change it, I am done for now and can take a nap! Well on day nine, after Tony and I had both been calling him the wrong name, "Carter, Ray, Lola". Tony said, "You can change his name if you want" but I couldn't think of another name so I guess Carver will just have to grow on us. It's kind of strange, that the name feels a little weird, but I'm sure he'll grow into it. Even if he doesn't, I don't care, I 'll still love you like crazy baby boy!

Sorry for the poor pictures, Most of them have blurry spots on them because there was a smudge on Tony's Moms camera lens and we didn't realize it.
My Mom had a Dentist appointment at 8:00a.m. and she couldn't believe it when I called her just after 8 and had already had him. she was Carvers first visitor. Thanks everyone for coming to see us, we love you!

First family pics, I can't believe there are five of us!

Jane, Sorry I didn't get any pictures of you, know that we still love you O.K.