Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eight things tag!

(Sorry it took me so long Tiffany!)

8 TV shows I watch ( I rarely get to watch an entire show due to my kids)

1. The Office (Hilarious!)
2. The Biggest Loser ( I sometimes wish I were really fat, it is so impressive how much they lose in such a short amout of time, it is really inspiring!)
3. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
4. Super Why
5. 24 (Starts tonight and Tony and I are addicted)
6. So you think you can dance (can't wait for it to start again!)
7. American Idol
8. Dancing with the stars

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Cafe Rio (pork salad, no guac!)
2. Thai House Cuisine (PAD HIM MA PARN #42- don't ask, just try it! also their orange chicken, yum!)
3. Pizza Factory (Salad Bar and bread twists)
4. Tempanyaki (filet mignon and teriyaki chicken)
5. Tucanos
6. Mama Chus (Chicken Tacos)
7. The Pie Pizzaria
8. Training Table ( Cheese frys with the ultimate dipping sauce!)

8 things that happened Yesterday

1. Made potato soup
2. Grandpa Dick came and installed smoke detectors
3. Tony took the chimney out of our attick and layed down some flooring, Yay!
4. The kids and I went to Chellese's to visit with Isaac and Bridgette.
5. Lola went to time out while we were there and she purposly peed her pants, so we went back home!
6. Shortly after getting home, she pooped and peed her pants again! (not a good day for us!)
7. Scrubbed pee out of chair and mopped the floor
8. Sent Lola back to Time out, and ate a bowl of Ice cream!

8 things I am looking forward to

1. Thanksgiving (yummy food and fun family)
2. Christmas
3. Ray turning one in Februrary
4. Our 5 year anniversary in December
5. Tony finishing School in May
6. Finishing our kitchen and bathroom (hopefully soon)
7. getting our kitchen table in January
8. Lola turning three in March (Hopefully three will be a "good" age for her!)

8 things on my wish list

1. pay off student loans asap!
2. get Lola to go to bed earlier!
3. have date night every week!
4. eat better
5. have more patience
6. be debt free in 6 years (fingers double crossed!)
7. Travel the world
8. get in good shape (be able to run a 5k or maybe a 10k)

8 things I love

1. Jesus
2. Tony
3. Lola
4. Ray
5. All of my Families and friends
7. treats
8. good food

8 things I can't stand

1. The smell of steamed Brocoli (Gag me!)
2. scratchy feet
3. Perverts! ( I mean "Real" sickkos!)
4. Swearing (I'm not perfect in this category, but I really try hard not to)
5. tantrums by Lola! (They seem to get worse every time we go to Target!)
6. Getting charged the wrong price for something, but not realizing it until I get home!
7. being tickled on my neck, it creeps me out.
8. bone's hitting into eachother, it totally grosses me out.

I tag whoever feels the urge!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seven Quirks!

1. I have to wear socks to bed (Year round!)
2. I don't like it when my hands smell like food. Tony teases me because I have broken my nose 4 times, so I usually can't smell when one of the kids is poopy or other stinky things, but if it is on my hands, then it is magnified by a "million", I can smell so good when it's on my hands. (weird, I know! I'm part hound dog!)
3. I have to have something sweet after every meal, It's usually Ice cream or chocolate.
4. I am a picky eater, I would probably die if I had to live in another country, and I would definitely offend the people there for turning down their meals right and left.
5. I buy clothes for my kids, then I hold on to them until they go on clearance then take them back and re-buy them. I can't stand not getting the "best" deal I can, especially since kids need new clothes so often. I'm sure when all the employees in the stores around here see me they are like, "here comes cheap-wadd-Lady!" Oh, well! I love it!
6. I have to put Pepper on all my meals, it just doesn't look right with out it!
7. I can't quit cutting my own hair, I've been at it for over 10 years now, and I still keep saying I am going to grow my hair out long. I don't think it has been past my shoulders for at least 6 years. Now I have it down in writing, maybe this time I will be successful? We shall see!

Anyone who wants to do this, go for it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, now that I let everyone know in my last post that I am a procrastinator (most of you probably already knew), then it is only right that I would post about Halloween almost a week late, but here goes: I Loved Halloween this year the weather was Great! Lola had so much fun trick or treating. First we went to my brother in law Darin's work and got way too much candy (plenty to pass out to trick or treaters). Then after it got dark we took Lola around our Neighborhood, I thought she would only last a couple houses because it started to rain, I was wrong. After each house she would say; "want to keep going!" Until we went to a house with a scary guy on the porch, then she just kept saying, "scared, want to go home!" She wouldn't say Trick or Treat either, she would say "Happy Halloween!" it was really cute, we would say; "Say, Trick or Treat", and she would just say; "Happy Halloween! Thank You!" I had a hard time keeping Lola's Kitty costume on, I really wanted her to be a witch, but she picked out this kitty costume. It is really cute, but the only thing that makes it look like a kitty is the mask and it is like three sizes too small and squeezed her chubby face a little too much! I had to make her wear it as a headband instead, Luckily she was distracted by all the candy, and she left it on, right until we headed outside for pictures. Little Ray was such a good little Ninja, I love this age! He didn't even try to take off his hat, and I got an extra piece of candy just for lugging him around-sweet! P.S. he is a really good snuggler too, I can't complain! P.S.S. Thanks Grandma G. for the Kitty and the Ninja Costumes, your the best!

I think Lola's bag weighed half as much as her, but she wouldn't part with it, she kept telling me it was heavy, but every time I would try to take it she would clench the handles tight and and yell, "No, Mine!" So this Halloween was a success, she has it all figured out!
Before Lola decided that she wanted to be a kitty, one of our friends let us borrow this fairy costume, so cute! Lola wore it to Tony's family Halloween party, and she won prettiest costume, Thanks Elle!
I love this picture of her, My sister took her pictures for Grandma Jane before we headed to the family party. Lola came up with this pose all by her self, what a poser!
Ninjas don't smile!

That's more like it!