Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Picture Problems!

So I have a ton of stuff to catch up on like- Rays 1st Birthday, Him going to the Hospital (by Ambulance) for RSV and lots of other day to day happenings, but my computer is jacked! I can't get my pictures to upload, so I guess for now I will post some of the funny things Lola and Ray have been doing lately.

She calls Ray -Chuggies or Chugs- I love this because she came up with it all on her own.

She has been giving all of her dolls and toys the name - "Sodyonna" (I have no idea where she got this either, I mean it's not your average name!). I forgot to post that she named her doll that she got for Christmas "Princess Pony Toni" pretty cute, so if any of you pregnant girls out there are struggling to find the perfect unique name for your child you know who you can call!

She came into the bathroom the other day while I was getting ready and said, "Mom My bum is slammed!" I said, "your bum is slammed?" she replied, "Yeah, like my underwear are slammed!" She uses the best words to describe a snuggie, it kills me!

She loves to sing "I am a Child of God" She sings a few of the words wrong her version goes like this, "I am a child of god and he been sent me here, has given me an erf of home wis parents kind of dear, lead me duide me walk-side me and help me find da way, teach me all dat I must do to live wis him someday."

She loves to say "I love you" and I love to hear her say it.
A couple of weeks ago we went to Delta, while at my Moms house she was fixing food for everyone and all the grandkids were making lots of special requests to my Mom like, "Grandma can I have honey?" "I want Jam", " I want salt and pepper" etc..... and while this was going on Lola was following my Mom around the kitchen saying "Grandma, Grandma, I need to tell you something!" she did this over and over and finally my Mom was done with all the requests she turned and said, "Yes Lola" Lola said, " I love you Grandma!" It was so cute.

Almost every night (like at 4 in the morning)Lola will wake up and yell, "Carrie!" and as soon as I say, "what?" she replies, "I love you!" She does this several times in a row and it never gets old.

This is one of my favorites- Lola was sitting on my lap last week and she said, "Care, I love you, your my laugh!"

Last Sunday Lola was in Nursury I think they were talking about Temples or forever families(help me out Suzette if I'm telling it wrong) and one of the little girls said, "I'm going to the temple when I get big." Then Lola said, "When I'm big I'm going to get baptized and have a baby in my tummy!" (We hope Lola realizes when she is eight years old she will not big enough for babies in her tummy!) She is so fun I love all the new things she is learning and doing, but I am so sad that each stage goes by way too quickly!


He isn't walking yet, he only takes a few steps inbetween furniture, but he is always thinking of ways to get on top of things like the coffee table or couch. He drags things around while crawling like shoes or anything really it doesn't matter the size and he will try to stand on it and get on top of whatever it is that he wants to be on. We were at my sisters a couple of days ago and Ray moved a tupperware lid over to the couch and stood on top (keep in mind that it was only like a 1/2 inch thick or less) and was able to get up on the couch, it's funny I think it is all in his mindset and it makes him feel so much bigger and more confident, but I'm sure he could have gotten on that couch without the lid!

He is such a boy we don't have any big trucks or anything for him to push around yet, but he gets our box that all of our Baby Einstein dvds go in and he pushes that around like it was a big truck or something. I think it is so interesting to see the difference between boys and girls, they really are so different, I am learning so much from them, and I'm thankful for all they teach me.

blows kisses
puts his arms up when I say, "reach for the sky" then I tickle him and he laughs so cute!
claps his hands
Nods yes
covers his nose and lips instead of his eyes when we play peek-a-boo
gives the best hugs (he squeezes so tight)and kisses.
loves the bath and kicks and squeals everytime you take him out
knows what he wants and gets mad when he doesn't get it.
loves to bonk heads with Daddy.
Is a really good baby and so much fun.
he says-
"Ya" Yes
"Da" dance
"Dada "Dad
"Mama" Mom
"Lala" Lola

I sure am on lucky Mama!

P.S. Tony is done with his last Rotation for Pharmacy next Friday I am so excited and super proud of him!