Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Summer things!

I have been the worst blogger! I just wanted to put up some of the pictures from our summer fun, that I didn't want to leave out!

This past summer we spent lots of time on the porch eating Popsicles. Lola spent most of her time wearing dress-up clothes and sparkly gymnastics leotards (She seriously wanted to wear her leotards with every out fit) when Wednesdays gymnastics rolled around she NEVER had a clean one to wear. I just want everyone to take a close look at Rays belly and over all chubbiness in the top middle picture, so cute! He is totally losing all of that and I am so sad, but I still love the little guy too much!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poor Boy!

Back in July we found out Ray was anemic, not fun! I took him to the Doctor and his blood count was 16, it should be 36 for his age, so We were sent to the ER at Primary children's. Such a scary day for us, especially for Ray. He did so good while they ran all sorts of tests on him and gave him an I.V. (Dang nurse was telling me all the possibilities and the word cancer escaped her lips and I was a mess waiting for the results!) Ray would look up at me touch my cheek and say Mama and I was in tears. He had to have a blood transfusion which took four hours and we didn't get to leave until midnight, such a long day, but we were so relieved to know it was an Iron problem and not cancer or anything Life threatening. We also found out his Iron was low because his body can't break down proteins in Dairy so he wasn't absorbing Iron like he should, so now he drinks Soy milk and takes Iron supplements, all in all an easy switch. Now we are working on getting his numbers back up, last visit he was at 29, we are slowly getting there. I am really thankful for good Doctors and I'm especially thankful for this little guy! Mommy and Daddy couldn't live without you Ray!

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