Thursday, January 8, 2009

Future Drummer!

Last night Tony was drumming on the Coffee table and Ray was totally dancing. I wish I would have recorded him when he first started doing it, when he was really into it. I love how whenever Tony stops, Ray grabs his hands and makes him do it again. Sorry for the whiney Lola in the background she just woke up and sorry you have the hear me too!


I am so sad, I accidently deleated the Christmas video I took of Lola, it was so cute. When she woke up her and her cousin Jesse (4) went upstairs where the tree was and it was gone, so were the stockings, they were both convinced that the Grinch stole everything! The plate of cookies and carrots that they had left out for Santa and the Reindeer was empty, all except for one little sprinkle, Lola was excited, her eyes got so big and she said, "a sprinkle!" and she ate it like it was the best thing ever, it was too cute! We all thought it was really funny that they came up with the whole "Grinch" thing on their own. Then we went out to the garage and there was the Tree and stockings along with all the presents, they both were pretty excited! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Goulding for letting us have Christmas at your house. They spoiled us way too much- as always!
I caught a few "excited" looks from Lola. Funny thing is she got the most excited over her stocking stuff- chap stick, shampoo, and tic-tacs! I think next year I'm going to spend less and give her strictly hygiene products, she will be the freshest little girl around! I really didn't get anything for Ray (he did make the good list, he just didn't ask for anything!)but he had a good time all the same!

Daddy and Ray Chillin.
This was Ray with uncle Clay on the way outside to find where the "Grinch" took Christmas! Ray looks like he is saying, "oh, I know where it is!"
Every year Christmas morning we go to my Sister Holly's house and eat breakfast, it is always so good. Lola got to open her favorite present, Grandma and Grandpa McCausland got her dressup's, my Mom also gave her a whole bunch of old jewelry, she loves it all so much, I think I will have to buy her some more dress ups in March for her Birthday, these Chrismas ones won't last for sure, she wears them all the time, usually more than one at a time, so cute! Thanks Holly and Russ for always letting us come over and eat your yummy food and make way too much noise!
This was the Sunday before Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa Goulding bought their cute outfits.