Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Carrot face, and pink haired lady!!!

So this was the first time I gave Ray carrots and he wasn't so sure about them, after every spoonful he would spit with his tongue out and get carrots all over me and everything else. I love to feed this kid, he always sticks his hands in his mouth and makes the cutest faces, he is so fun.
Lola is always wanting me to take her picture next to baby Ray, I never get them smiling, but I think it's so cute, she has to hold his hand all the time, and he hates it. He is always trying to squirm and wiggle free, but she holds on so tight (I'm sure this is why he doesn't like it) Maybe someday they will understand eachother, I hope!
This was last night, Lola had to wear her tutu to bed, and the biker t-shirt Grandma Lana gave her (she's our little grunge princess) she's always trying to put a spin on fashion, I dig it!

Today I was inspired! I let Lola use the washable markers while I read some tutorials online. When I went to check on her she had colored the backs of her hands pink and layed on them. Some of the color rubbed off on her hair and I decided to go for it, and I put a stripe of pink in her hair, but when I showed her herself in the mirror, she asked for more! I don't know what I was thinking, her hands wouldn't wash off all the way, but I was willing to risk it for a little fun, I think she looks like such a cute little punk! Luckily it all washed right out of her hair, and it was kinda fun, it turned the bathwater pink, I think I'm on to something here!
Right after we washed it out, she said she wanted her hair orange! (maybe tomorrow!)

One more angle!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The 24th Marysvale style!

After several attempts at a family picture, this is what we got. I love how none of us are looking at the camera, I wonder when/if the day will come when we will be able to get a good one?! Happy 24th from the profile fam!
This was on our way home, I think he is so cute!

This is Lola with her cousin Jesse. She loved all of his toys, but she especially loved his tractor. (they fought over pretty much EVERYTHING!) It took her a little while to figure out how to drive it, then we couldn't get her off of it. (thankfully the battery died!)
Lola being sad that her driver (Jesse) left.
That's better!Daddy and Lola right after they caught a fish at the annual fish Rodeo. This is hilarious, just picture about 100 kids running around screaming trying to catch a fish with their bare hands, it really is a must see, soo funny!
She is so burned out after chasing those fish with Dad.
Dad having fun during a diaper change. Ray, not having fun during a diaper change!
Lola had a series of meltdowns at the park! She had so many fun prizes from the fishpond and other fun games, that she couldn't handle not being able to open all of them. Life is hard for this beach babe!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Times!

Happy Birthday Tony! His Birthday was Monday the 14th, we didn't do anything really fun, we went shopping! which Tony said he will never do again, it was his idea to go get some new things, but I think he got a little taste of why I don't like to take the kids shopping with me. It took us all day to get a few shirts and a few pairs of shoes. Between spilled food, diaper changes, feedings, and lots of chasing Lola, it made for a really long day. It ended with a slice of Winger's asphalt pie, so that was good. We sure do love you Daddy/Tone!

Sparklers are a big hit with Lola this year, she wants to do several each night before bedtime.
Tony loves doing tricks with the kids, we should put him in the Circus!

Lola always wants a turn too, she is getting a little big for this trick!

Cherry Hill

This past weekend we had a family reunion at Cherry hill water park, it was so fun. A little pricey, but it was worth it. Lola loved the slides and we pretty much had to drag her out of each activity in the park. Ray spent most of his time there asleep, which was nice, this allowed Tony and I to have some fun on the slides too! Lola was soo sweet, everytime while we were waiting in line to go down a slide, she would say, "This be fun!" and the whole way down she would scream, "WHEE!" She was also full of hugs and kisses which is always fun. We were sad, it was also Tony's family reunion the same day. We stopped off and had breakfast with them on our way up, it was so good as always, but we were sad, we heard we missed out on some sweet games.

This was right before we left the park, baby Ray was being so cute. He kept trying to grab his feet and put them in his mouth, I didn't post a picture, but he had scratches all over his legs, from trying so hard to get them. He has the sweetest squeals, I love it!

We couldn't get any pictures of Lola, she never stopped moving. She was pretty excited about this koolaid squeeze-it, this was a first for her, she kept saying, "mom, this good!" It was good for me too because it is clear.
Sleepy boy!

This was on Tony's Birthday too, I have tried everything to get this kid to laugh, and he would only give me a smidge of a giggle, so this was really fun to hear. I caught it after a while so it had died down quite a bit, but still really worth it. I am excited that it was Lola who got him to laugh,
I hope they will always be good friends, and make eachother laugh like this, it is a good sound for sure!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Waaay Behind!

Tony stuck Ray in the laundry basket and he fit in their perfectly, he could sit up in there all by himself and he looked soooo grown up. I love what he is doing with his arm in the first pic, and I love his little expression and the way he is kind of leaning back on his arm in the second one like he is just chillin.

I threw this one in because I really love these two, even if they aren't smiling!
Tony and I took a trip to Lowe's the other day and didn't take the diaper bag (Big Mistake) it was just going to be a quick trip. Well, baby Ray as you can see had a major blowout. It was pretty funny to watch Tony and I trying to find something to clean us up with. Tony found some little plastic bags that are meant to put bolts and screws and what not in, and used them as pooper-scoopers, then Baby Ray and I hit up the Lady's room and I piled a bunch of those nasty scratchy paper towels between us and we headed out to the car. We made baby ray ride home on the pile of paper towels and a Lowe's bag, pretty sweet!

Take note of Lola's sweet "shoe" it's part of my photo shop software box. I walked in the room and she was walking around all dainty-like, it was too cute! Where does she come up with this stuff, seriously?
This is Lola's cute face painting she had done a few weeks ago at a carnival by our house. It was all she wanted to do, so we waited in line for at least an hour and about five minutes after she had it done, she spilled water all over her face and completely ruined it, at least I got a picture!

So, this little experience was priceless, I wish I would have caught it on tape. I was headed outside to see Tony, he was painting some frames in the back yard. I was holding baby Ray outward on my hip, and Lola was following beside me. Right before I got to the back door of our house to head outside I started to hear/feel Ray's little belly rumble and then I heard a big splat! So I looked down at the tile floor and didn't see anything, now here's the kicker; I look down at Lola and she had the most shocked and disgusted look on her face, she looked like she was about to cry. Baby Ray had spit up completely on her, right on her forehead, hence the splatting sound. I felt so bad, but I couldn't stop laughing, her facial expression spoke a thousand words. She just kept saying, "That gross, baby Ray! Don't do again!" I should have taken the video before I cleaned her off, so you could get the full effect, curdled milk, Yuck! P.S. Don't mind the candy stuck in Lola's teeth, I had to give her something to take her mind off the yuckiness! (I know this isn't a word, but it works!)

A few weeks ago my good friend Shanna called me to ask how I made Lola's tutu and I was trying to explain it over the phone, when she didn't get the picture I told her I would take some pictures and e-mail them to her. I then decided it would be easier for me to just video tape it for her. I make myself laugh watching this, why was I thinking that I could video tape myself making a tutu? I need two hands, and for this I needed THREE! P.S. Please ignore that your watching this through the legs of my Christmas pajamas, it's all about comfort, right? I just know that all of out there are going to be making adorable tutu's now that you got this sweet demo on how to make them, ta hee he hee!