Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snow in April?

SNOW, WHAT? April 2010

I Can't believe it snowed this much in April, but the kids didn't seem to mind.
We made a Snowman, but Lola was the only one brave enough to stand by him for a picture. Ray was a little sketchy about Mr. Snowman, maybe next year?
Two cute and cozy kids!

Rays Attitude face in these pictures makes me laugh!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Carver 8 months old Oct, 4th 2010

My not so little Pumpkin, I want to squeeze you!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

For sale!

For Sale! My Sister is selling this cute Navy twin bed with trundle, it is practacally brand new (she just switched to bunkbeds so she could cram all three kids into one room), she bought it for $500 and is selling it for $200. the picture doesn't do it justice, it has bead board and is super cute, so if you are interested Call her (Chellese) @ 212-569-1024 or e-mail her @ chellesebunker@yahoo.com Thanks! She is also selling this cute mirror. the frame is 19 & 3/4 square by 2 inches and has a 8x8 inset mirror with some paint it would look brand new. she is selling it for $15.oo. I want both of them, but my house is way too small, darn!

Thanks So much!


Thanks everyone for all of your prayers, texts and phone calls, it really means so much to me. Ray's problem is still a mystery, but his tests came back normal, well kinda. He doesn't have Cancer which I was so worried about (why do Doctors even mention that if they don't know?) we did find out that he is allergic to Chicken and Eggs, two things that he NEVER eats anyway. So now we are trying some new Doctors and trying to get some help from a dietitian. Ray doesn't eat hardly anything, we switched him from Soy milk to rice milk to see if anything changes, he doesn't like it really and he keeps asking for "different milk" which is hard for me to hear since he really only eats about a handful of things all of which aren't all that good for him. Yesterday I told him he needed to eat some food and he was crying and said, "I don't know how?" it breaks my heart, I don't know if what he is eating is causing all the swelling in his little body and so he is scared to eat because it will hurt or if he is worried about throwing it up (he has this problem too) he will shudder when I put certain foods in front of him, so sad. We are working with a really good Doctor that wants to see him weekly, so I feel like we are in good hands. Also want to try a holistic approach and see what kinds of remedies they come up with (Thanks Kristin! Love your guts!) Anyway just wanted to give a little update, and say thanks to all of you. So................. Thanks! P.S. Disneyland was a blast, Tony was converted, and is now talking about season passes, that guy is so unpredictable! Check back for the last 7 months (gasp!) of posts, I know I always say I'm going to update, but this times for REAL!