Monday, October 27, 2008

Sad Story!

A week or so ago I was on and I saw that they were having a casting call, the winner gets a free Gap Wardrobe. Now, if you know me, I am VERY into "free"! I'm not one of those Moms that think I have the cutest kids or anything, I just wanted to try my luck. If you know me you also know that I have a serious procrastination problem. I wanted to enter them early, but they were sick, then I wouldn't feel like fixing them up, or they wouldn't (Lola) let me fix their hair,things like this, so the very last day to enter them, I took them over to my sister's and we took these cute pictures. I came home and was hurrying to get them onto the computer, I tryed to upload them to the Gap site and it said the file size was too big, so I went and resized all of them then I went back to post them, I got one goofy picture of Lola on there (I was going to post five pictures of both of them showing their different expressions and personalities) and then it ended, I was so sad I didn't even get to enter Ray. Unless they are looking for a goofy-looking little girl this year, I don't tink we have a chance! Not like we were going to win anyway, I just wanted to say that I had done it, to make myself feel cool. I guess I'll have to stick to bargain shopping! By the way baby Ray is 8 months old today, and as sweet as ever! Some of the things he is up to are, scooting all over the place, he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, he hasn't quite figured out how to move in that position yet, which is really nice for me. He is just cutting his first tooth, ouch! He has been saying "da da" for probably two months now, but he just started saying "Ma ma" two days ago. He loves maple and brown sugar oatmeal, potato soup and popcicles. He is so fun and snuggly, he is always hugging me so tight and he likes to grab ahold of the tiny hair on the back of my neck, it hurts so bad, he is really good at it, so strong!

I love his lips in this one
There it is, his surprised look, he always makes!

I don't know why, she always has to put heer own twist on things (turning the hat sideways) silly girl!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lola's New Friends!

So a couple of weeks ago we took the kids on a walk and while we were out we came across some statues , Lola is usually afraid of statues, but she wasn't afraid of these ones. It was so cute, she kept sitting by them and pretending she was reading with them and she would sit on one side with the girl statue and play with her ponytail (as well as you can play with a bronze ponytail!) and then go over to the other side and lean on the boys shoulder or copy what he was doing and bend her leg and put her foot up on the bench like him. She had me take a ton of pictures! She didn't want to leave them, we finally got her to by telling her that there was another boy one that she could go look at and she was not a fan. He was a bigger boy statue, and right now Lola is really into things that are tiny or "just her size", she is always saying that is just my size, about everything that is little. She hauls around all five of her purses, (plus grocery bags, ziplock bags, small tupperware) full of stuff that is "just her size". She is getting a little carried away with the sandwich bags though, the other day she asked me for one, I gave it to her and a few minutes later she showed me her baby doll (Oatis) stuffed inside, The zipplock zipper was barely able to close, It was a little disturbing, Sorry Oatis! Isn't that the best name, Lola came up with it, the sad pat is Oatis is a girl, but names aren't gender based anymore right? I think I'll name my next girl Bob, keep it simple! HA!
This is just a cute picture of Ray after our walk, I couldn't get a cute one of them together, because Lola wouldn't hold still long enough, I just Love Hats on babies!
This is Lola's favorite outfit, I have to wash it everyday, or she will get it out of the laundry and wear it dirty, that's how special it is to her. She tells me everyday, "I want my flower sparkle shirt from Grandma Jane". Does anyone else have a two year old that wants to change their clothes about ten times a day and throws a complete fit over what they wear? If she wants to change her outfit, she will tell me the one she has on is dirty, but I see nothing on it, then she says, "this is not clothes, I need a skirt, (or pants or whatever it is she thinks is in need of) or pajama's during the day and a dress to wear to bed, she is all sorts of confused! Anyway, this Dollar shirt from wallmart has been well worth the dollar it cost, thanks Grandma G!

I Love how she has her arm around him , it makes him seem so much more real, don't ya think?!

My sweet boy is already 7 and 1/2 months...............................Crazy!