Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catching up sucks!

I tried several times to get a picture of Lola and Ray together when they were both ready for the day (Hair combed, dressed in clothes- not jammies, etc.) impossible! Lola was quite obsessed with this little monkey (she named Barbie) she got out of a quarter machine she insisted that we get a good shot of him.
I love these pictures, mainly because of Rays crazy shaggy hair. I just love it when my kids are cute with each other!
We took the kids bowling for the first time, they really had a-lot of fun. Ray was more into getting the balls out of the ball return than actually watching to see if he knocked down any pins, but go figure he beat everyone!
I was making waffles and went to set the garbage bag on our front porch (White trash!) anyway, when I came back to the kitchen Ray had decided to help me stir all the dry ingredients, kids are so good at making quick messes.
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