Thursday, May 22, 2008

My little Shrek baby!

When Lola was little we took pictures of her like this and I wanted to compare them, but I couldn't find them so baby Ray is flying solo.
"Mom, your Crazy!"
"Wudd up Dawgs! "

She's got CRAZY hair, but she knows how to Shake it!

This girl LOVES to dance, but I can't ever capture her at her best, so I guess we will have to settle for this. Watch out JLo, baby's got back!

The Budding Artist!

So yesterday night I was taking a shower and Lola comes in and says, "Mom, looka I did!" She stuck her arms through the shower curtain and I said, "Lola what did you do?" She said, "I draw a kitty cat!" I thought it was so funny, I couldn't get mad at her. She had taken a really late nap, so Tony was already in bed, and I just jumped in the shower, five minutes into it I discovered my little girl is a Tattoo artist. If you are thinking of getting one, Please let her know!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lola Lately!!!!

She Says;
"Brush a teeth" She loves to brush her teeth, several times a day!

" Cars getyou me!" (I Made Lola afraid of cars by saying cars will get you, so now she says "cars getyou me", I think she thinks "Getyou" is a word.

"I lud Ah Tone!" This is what she says for "I Love You Tone (Tony)." She rarely calls him dad. Funny, cuz I call him dad thinking that she will copy me, think again!

"Chock Noke" Chocolate milk, this is her staple in life, she loves it. As long as we have it, it will be a good day!

"Shake-a-bum!" A while ago Lola climbed into the baby swing, started the music and got the Mobile on the swing spinning (it has little bears on it) and said, "Look Mom, Bears shake-a-bum!" I don't think I have seen a little person that likes to dance as much as she does. We will drive to Delta, a two hour drive, with the radio on, and this little girl can't help but dance. It's like she is a metronome, she has to move to the beat! Tony and I laugh so hard at her, because, sometimes she won't be smiling or looking like she is enjoying herself at all, but she's still a bouncin and movin them hips! I hope she will always dance!

These are some of the things Lola has been up to lately. Yesterday, she came over to me while I was at the computer and said, "look mee mom!" and She had this head band around her face right over her nose, she is always making me laugh with her "Fashion trends"

Bringing back the 80's! Since Lola was tiny she has loved wearing sunglasses, except when she actually needed them. ( in the car when the sun is in her eyes). The first time I discovered she loved them was when she wore them to church, for all three meetings, what a little stud!

Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star, Ba, ba, ba ,ba......

The other night we went over to some friends house to watch the Jazz game, and when we got home, we were sitting in our car in the front yard just about to unload the kids when we heard Lola singing. This is pretty much what we heard. It was so funny, I kept trying to help her sing it right, and she kept saying, "no, Lola do!" and she sang for about five minutes, and had Tony and I silently cracking up inside while she insisted on singing Twinkle Twinkle little star, her way. Too cute. She is Pretty good with the first part, up until the Up above the world so high, that part she just says, "baa, ba, baa, ba, ba" Then it usually turns into "Abcb, Itsy bitsy spider, head shoulders knees and toes, or the wheels on the bus, all are her favorites. Keep singing Sweetie!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Messy-face girl!

This morning I went into the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal and decided to pay a couple of bills, and I noticed that Lola was being way too quiet. I went into her room and this is what I found. She had baby powder all over herself! When I asked her in an angry voice, "what are you doing?!" she said in her oh-no I'm in trouble voice, "Bum hurts!" She uses this line all too often. I love you my little bearded Lola lady!
Trying to escape? Don't even think about it Sista!

Baby powder tracks.
Yesterday after church I decided to make some sugar cookies, Lola always has to help me with whatever it is that I am doing, so I got her a chair and put it right next to me. While I was frosting them, Lola wanted a taste, I put a little frosting on the side of the bowl so she wouldn't stick her hand down in the bowl. She took a couple polite little swipes with her finger and one second later she quickly reached her hand into the bowl and grabbed a handful of pink frosting and quickly shoved it in her mouth. I tried to get a picture of her but she thought I was going to wipe her hands off, so she was trying her best not to turn my way, so all that is left is a greasy face and a couple of shiney hands. I never end up letting her "help"for very long cuz she usually pulls stuff like this and gets in trouble. What a stinker!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


This was Lola when she was nine days old, her first trip to Delta! That new daddy is pretty whopped!
Look how much Lola looks like baby Ray. This is one of my favorite pictures of her, she was such a happy baby.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lola, the Nose Honker!,

Still smiling, even after Lola gave his nose a little too much attention. He is growing waaaaay to fast. I Love You, my little chubby-bub!
Lola loves to honk noses! She will be dead asleep next to Tony or I, wake up and give us a good honk on the nose. She says, "honk-a-nose" Then just goes back to sleep. The other day Lola was Playing with baby Ray on my bed and reached over and grabbed his tiny little nose, too funny.

Marysvale sooooooo fun!

We spent last weekend in Marysvale with Tony's family, we had such a great time. It is one of the only places I have been where you really feel like you can relax, it is such a cute little town. Thanks Dick and Jane for the fun time! Yep, that's my boy! He was trying to do a doughnut and tipped it over. I'm glad he got all of his CRAZY driving out before he took me for a ride- YIKES! And I'm glad he still has all his limbs!
This is Lola and cousin Jesse outside of the Big Rock Candy Mountain restaurant. (Yummy!) They are roaring like a big bear.

Grandma Jane and Grandpa Dick Bought Lola this sweet Dora fishing pole, so we decided to let her try it out, it didn't go over so well. She kept throwing her pole into the stream, oh well!