Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lola Said:

I'm so FAR behind on my blogging I don't know where to begin, I still have Snowman pictures, Lola's Birthday (way back in March) and all of Carvers monthly pictures to post, but since I don't want to forget the funny things Lola is constantly saying I'm posting them first!

Today Lola said to me, "Mom, I Never cried when I was a baby huh?" I said, "You cried sometimes but hardly ever, you were such a good baby!" She said, "I was a horribly good baby huh?!" I love that she knows all these BIG words but not exactly how to use them, sure makes our lives entertaining!

About a month ago we were driving home from Salt lake and Lola started talking about how everyone gets old and dies and how she doesn't want to get old, then she said, "I don't want to die and go the heaven" and I said, "How come? Where do you want to go?" She said, " I want to just stay at your house and play with my Barbies for a long time!" I said, "Don't worry Lola, you will have lots of time to play with your barbies. You will love Heaven it is beautiful and your body will be perfect and it won't ever hurt and you will feel good and not get sick. Did you know that Jesus was perfect? He was the only person who lived on the earth that was perfect, and didn't make any mistakes! We need to try really hard to be like Jesus so we can live in heaven with him and our families forever. " She said, "Are you perfect like Jesus?" I laughed and said, "No, I make lots of mistakes every day!" She said "I make mistakes too huh? Then with a smirk on her face, she said "I like that word....... MISTAKES!(giggle giggle)" I just hope she doesn't like them TOO much!

Carver sneezed in Lola's face the other day and Lola said, "Carver just bless-you'd right in my face!" She calls sneezes "bless you's".

Lola and Ray were helping me put stuff in the deep freezer out in the shop last week and Lola said, "Ray you are a special special boy, you make me so happy! she began to dance around, and she said, "you make me dance and my heart happy!" I just love to watch them play together, Lola is always the leader and Ray mimics EVERYTHING she does, cutest thing EVER!

Today we spent several hours outside (perfect day!) Lola and Ray helped me plant flowers and then later they played in the sprinkler. They were pretending that they were taking showers in it or that it was a swimming pool and they were acting out diving motions into the sprinklerhead (pretty entertaining if you ask me!)then they would run and lay on their towels to dry off then they would walk over to me with thier umbrella's and come and say, Lola- "Bye Mom we are going to the store!" then Ray would follow her every move, except for some reason he was pretending I was Grandma, he said, "You not Mom anymore, you Gamma" then they would walk around the yard for a couple of minutes then act surprised to see me and come running and give me kisses and tell me, "I missed you so much Mom!" and "I missed you so much Gamma!" they did this for almost an hour it was pretty cute watching Lola with her little shadow/echo!

Hope to be back to speed with blogging soon, wish me luck!