Monday, January 25, 2010

Get to bed!

Lately we have had a hard time getting Lola and Ray to stay in their beds all night, or to go to bed for that matter (energizer bunnies). Ray recently decided the crib wasn't for him and he prefers to sleep on the rug in his room. He was doing really well at staying in his room even if I left the door open he would lay on his pillow pet and fall fast asleep, it was amazing. Well, a few nights ago Lola decided she wanted to sleep on the floor too so I made them both beds on the Rug, said prayers and read them each a few books, then I turned on the Polor express book on Cd and gave them both a smootch and I was outta there. (this was all part of my new years goals, get the kids to bed by 9) I was feeling pretty good, then about five minutes later Lola comes out to tell me she loves me and that she wants to give me one more hug and kiss, so she does then I tell her to stay in her room and go to bed. This happens about 10 more times. I'm glad she LOVES me so much, but seriously help me out with my goals kid! Then she comes out one more time, but with a different request, "Mom, can you help me put my goggles on?" me, "what? No!" Lola, "but I need them to fall asleep!" Me, "no you don't, but whatever!" So I put them on for her then I can't stop laughing and I completly cave on my goal and took pictures of her an Ray looking so silly in their "Sleep goggles" can you even imagine the rings around their eyes if they did keep them on all night. P.S. We went to bed at 11:00