Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't EVER forget!

I really want to blog more often but I think I am going to start a new blog, I'm frustrated with this ones layout and it not looking like I want it to.  I end up not blogging because it bothers me, but today I have to write down a few of the funny things Mr. Carver has said because I don't want to EVER forget them.

When Peps was brand new (9 months ago!!!!)  anytime Carver wanted to hold her he would say, "baby wrap"  and he called her Binky a "Goo-goo, GA-GA!"
 He loves pirates booty and used to called it "Pooh-boo".
He is not afraid of anyone he will fight anyone no matter their size.  My nephew Kaden (15) was at our house and Carver was jumping on him on the couch and saying "I'll fight you, I'll squish you like a bug!  Then he would say to Kaden "You jump on me!"

This is you with your CRAZY morning hair and  a fresh bruise on your eye. Ray jumped off the table onto the couch and landed right on your head.  You didn't even cry you are so tough!

We had some sales people stop buy trying to sell packaged meats we were outside when they started with their sales pitch talking about beef and chicken, they were walking to their car to get their product  when carver starts shouting from the porch and pointing his finger he said, "I don't want your chicken!, I'm not going to buy your chicken!" He said it over and over.  I tried to tell him that he likes chicken and that he really likes chicken nuggets, then he starts yelling "I don't want your chicken nucks!" "He calls chicken Nuggets "chicken nucks"  I was actually really relieved to have him acting out it got me out of buying $600.00 in meat that I didn't want and apparently he didn't either!

On the 4th of July in Delta while watching the firework show, Carver said, "that's Happy Birthday Awesome!'  He loves the Happy Birthday song and often wants me to sing it to him at bedtime.  He usually has me sing it over and over making sure we sing it for everyone he loves, it never gets old, he always says yeah, or yippee at the end of the song, he is so full of life I love it.

He is obsessed with the Red Ranger "Jaden" and is always pretending to be him.  about 2 months ago Carver came into the living room wearing nothing but a royal blue tutu (not concerned!), he had a wooden sword in one hand and a spider man fishing pole in the other he crossed his two weapons and in a wide stance he said, "I'll take a bullet for you Mom".  He also is always saying stuff like, I won't let you down Mom and I'm on it Mom.  He loves when I make up bedtime stories and use him as Ranger red and have him fight off the bad guys from hurting "the cutest, best baby ever, lil Peps" he always interrupts the story when the bad guys come, he says "I'll fight em!"  he can't help it, and he cheers when he saves baby Peps in the end with his big muscles.

Ray and Carver are really good buddies most of the time but often heard around our house  is "I'm not going to be your brother!"  Last night Ray and Carver were fighting and Carver said, "I'm not going to be your brother anymore Ray!" then he said it again to me, I said, "oh that makes me so sad, I want you to be his brother he is your best brother, I think I am going to cry" then I start doing my fake cry, (it gets Carver every time, he is so tenderhearted and a mommas boy) Carver comes over to me and says, "OK OK, I'll be his brother!"  I said, "oh good, that makes me so happy!  I love you Carver, you have such a good heart!"  He said, "I have a heart for you Mom!" (in his deep voice, so dang cute!) 
Then this morning  he is asking me to turn on a show for him, I would go turn it on and two seconds later he would come in and tell me to turn on something else, "your just not going to turn on my movie Mom, your just not going to do it!"  So I go in again to turn something else on and before I can find the remote he says, "your not doing it!" again, and I say, "I am, I just need to find the remote!"  He says, "stop acting like a child Mom!"  I seriously don't know where he comes up with some of this stuff.  He kills me on a daily basis. 

A few others he says almost daily-  "you both just love me guys!"  Talking about Tony and I
"I just love this place!"  Our house.
"yippee!"  All day long!
"lets ride cowboy!"
"I have a joke in my mouth!" or "it's just a joke guys!"
"I'm going to kill your father!" (Toy story)  This is usually while Ray and Carver are pretend sword fighting.  to which Ray usually replies "we have the same father!"  Carver still doesn't get it.

Oh how I love you Carver carves!
P.S.  I'm making my new blog private so if you would like an invite please leave me your e-mail.  thanks!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to ....................ME!

So I'm 32 now and I'm over the whole........ catch up on your blog thing!  So what if I've left out two whole years (sniff, sniff)!   I'm BACK, and it feels good!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Name ten candy bars!!!!

It's kinda funny being so far behind on my blog makes me realize just how different my kids are now. Carver is now the one sitting on Ray and picks on him ALL. Day. LONG! Just the other day I was telling Ray that baby sister might be born on his Birthday (Feb 27th, 2012) his reply was, "can we flush our old baby?" I said "what do you mean, flush him down the toilet?" He replied, "just give him to a new Family" I said, "but you love Carver and you will miss him" he said, "but Carver is so mean to me!" Sad, but true. He doesn't mean to be mean he is just a ruff and tumble kind of guy, hopefully soon Ray will learn to defend himself!
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Plastic cups +Crayons+Tape=Art

Seriously Lola, you love, love, love to craft. You always tell me you are going to be an artist and sell your art, I can't wait to see what you'll grow up to be.
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Pajama Kids........I love em!

I can hardly resist my babies in their jammies, so cute and comfy!

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Carver eats food! July 27th

Carver wasn't too sure about baby food, but he seemed to not mind by the sixth bite.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Marysvale July 24th 2010

The fish pond did not disappoint!


Summer fun July 22nd 2010

Sorry I really couldn't narrow these down, I love them all!