Saturday, April 19, 2008

Twice in one week Lola got into the lotion, she loves it. I used to put lotion in her hair when it was short to keep it from getting frizzy. Now whenever I give her a squirt of it I tell her not to put it in her hair. Well,we left the room for one minute, and this is what we found. As soon as she saw me she started pumping the lotion as fast as she could, it all went strait to the hair, it wasn't very fun to wash out either! Silly girl.

This is a card my friend Dallas made for me, she is so talented, I need to learn Photoshop! Lola is so fun, she comes into whatever room I am in and says; "be back in a mini" (minute) and holds up one finger, she usually comes back in more like five seconds, but it is really cute. she also puts on my shoes, grabs her purse, and tells me she is going "bye-bye", when I ask where she is going she says, "Hodo, Hudda" for cousins, Holden and Hudson. Right before she is about to depart she says, "oh, keys". (don't know where she gets that!) I forget my keys 4 out of 5 times when trying to leave.

This is Lola the first time she asked me to put make up on her. She was so excited to come show Dad "Tone" is what she calls him. He was mad at me for putting makeup on her, but i figure, better me than her. Now everytime I'm getting ready she asks for sparkle eyes and sparkle lips, how can you say no to such a sweet little face?

Sorry I am doing alot of backtracking here I am such a slacker, and I don't scrapbook or write things down, so before i completly forget everything, I thought I would make up for it now. Lola has lost most of her curls, so I tried once again to bring them back with sponge rollers. This time it went even more out of control. She loves it!

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