Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lola Lately!!!!

She Says;
"Brush a teeth" She loves to brush her teeth, several times a day!

" Cars getyou me!" (I Made Lola afraid of cars by saying cars will get you, so now she says "cars getyou me", I think she thinks "Getyou" is a word.

"I lud Ah Tone!" This is what she says for "I Love You Tone (Tony)." She rarely calls him dad. Funny, cuz I call him dad thinking that she will copy me, think again!

"Chock Noke" Chocolate milk, this is her staple in life, she loves it. As long as we have it, it will be a good day!

"Shake-a-bum!" A while ago Lola climbed into the baby swing, started the music and got the Mobile on the swing spinning (it has little bears on it) and said, "Look Mom, Bears shake-a-bum!" I don't think I have seen a little person that likes to dance as much as she does. We will drive to Delta, a two hour drive, with the radio on, and this little girl can't help but dance. It's like she is a metronome, she has to move to the beat! Tony and I laugh so hard at her, because, sometimes she won't be smiling or looking like she is enjoying herself at all, but she's still a bouncin and movin them hips! I hope she will always dance!

These are some of the things Lola has been up to lately. Yesterday, she came over to me while I was at the computer and said, "look mee mom!" and She had this head band around her face right over her nose, she is always making me laugh with her "Fashion trends"

Bringing back the 80's! Since Lola was tiny she has loved wearing sunglasses, except when she actually needed them. ( in the car when the sun is in her eyes). The first time I discovered she loved them was when she wore them to church, for all three meetings, what a little stud!


Cecy said...

Wow, Carrie!!!! I had so much fun reading your blog and seeing pictures! I have wondered what ever happened to you, now I know! Life sure changes after highschool huh?! Lola is sooo cute and you look great! Thanks for leaving me a message, so great to hear from you!

Hawk Family said...

Carrie, your blog is so cute, it is fun to see your kids they are both darling.

Missy said...

Hey Carrie!! Glad you found me!!! It's been fun catching up with old H.S. friends! Your kids are so cute!
That's fun that you're getting into Photography! It's addicting and I'm learning a lot!! Flickr is a great site to learn stuff from people. Let me know if you join and I can add you to some good groups!
So where's your stuff? I want to see what you and your sister's style is! I could look at pictures all day if I could!!

nicole said...

Hi there Carrie! It was crazy running into you at the mall. You have a cute family!! My blog is www.thedunnfamilyisdunn.blogspot.com. I got yours off of Missy's. I hope you don't mind?

Missy said...

Well, you never know...I consider myself still starting out! But you can post Isaac's pics sometime! That's a start! (Congrats to him, bytheway!)
That's definitely a different way to start by buying a camera and light equipment. I just got my camera for Christmas and still don't have any other equipment. I frequent DI a lot for props...I repaint most of them. That's good that you can do this with your sister. It's fun to have someone excited with ya! and someone that can help you figure stuff out. I've only heard of Tara Whitney and like her stuff...I'll have to check out those others.
Now to answer your questions: How did you learn photoshop? I learned back in college and just took a refresher course. I've mostly relearned on my own or with tutorials online. do you use cs3? I WISH!! I only have 6.0, back from when I was in college! I hope to upgrade in like a year. What camera would you recommend? For the lower-end camera, I have a Canon Rebel Xti. I REALLY like it! I think if I had anything more advanced I wouldn't know what to do with all the options! But I hear people really like Nikons and if you want more $$$ nice ones, Amy Nelson Lebbon (who's really into photography..I might have a link on my Flickr for her) uses a Canon 5D and Julie Nelson McLaws has a Canon 30D (I think)..I might have her Flickr link on my Flickr too.
Whew! I'll end this comment now!! Good luck!

Robyn said...

Carrie your posts crack me up. Lola sounds like such a crack up. My favorite part was reading about how she shakes her hips even when she's not trying to be funny. What a ham.

Kristin said...

Lola is hilarious! I gotsta see these moves of hers!