Monday, May 1, 2017

Taste test, gone wrong!

Just something I want to Remember;  A couple of days ago I took the kids to Delta (Tony was working) to celebrate my Moms Birthday.  Shortly after we got to her house Carver Found a Robin egg and ran over to show it to me.  The day went on with Four wheeling, eating and playing with cousins and I had completely forgotten about the robin egg.   Well, fast forward to when it was time to head home.   I had to go to my sister Holly's house to pick up the other half of my kids that had gone to see their fox and when we got there I honked and Dottie climbed into the front seat and put something in her mouth and I assumed it was one of the blue cough drops that Grandpa Scotty had given to Lola, next thing I know she is spitting it out and all I see is that it was something blue?  When I wiped it up it wasn't what I thought, it was bright blue and in little tiny pieces.  Just then it dawned on me that it was the robin egg.  I burst into laughter and asked Carver where he put the Robin egg he found earlier,  he said he put it in a plastic Easter egg.  I laughed and laughed but Carver did not think it was funny.  He said she had killed the baby bird!  I said, I know its not funny, but it IS funny because Dottie thought it was Easter Candy. That wasn't the best place to hide your awesome find.  What a nasty surprise!  She really took a minute to realize what it was because she crunched that egg shell into bits.  Poor girl just wanted some candy.


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Chellese said...

Haha! I'm glad you wrote that down. I had a good laugh remembering it.