Monday, May 1, 2017

Before and after

I had my cute friend Dallas over the other day and she showed me this baby romper she had bought from a store and it was super simple but WAY overpriced (I think she said like $60) so I decided to trace it and make my own.  I bought this cheap clearance skirt from Old Navy for $3.99 and made a few alterations to the pattern, but it turned out really cute.  Also,  the crotch piece I cut out and did some practice stitches on ended up fitting Gidgets head (a little snug, but still pretty cute) so funny!  I didn't even think about it being a hat at the time, I just set it aside and later Lola came carrying Gidget and had put it one her.  Haha!

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Chellese said...

I still remember pulling up to your yard and seeing Gidge from far away in her outfit. So adorable!