Monday, April 17, 2017

Just trying the whole blog thing again, after not signing in for several years I'm feeling pretty rusty.  I'm trying to not be too hard on myself for leaving out the last 4 years of my kids life and just pick up where we are now.  Wish me Luck!  This picture is outdated, but its one of the only pictures I have of all of my kids together and looking at the camera.  Anyway, I love these people so much and hope I can remember all the cute/funny/naughty/nice things they do on a daily basis and share them with you.  That is all!


Chellese said...

Carrie! I logged into my blog and was shocked to see that yours was updated 2 months ago. Good work!! Never let what you can't (didn't) do interfere with what you can. Keep updating. It is always worth it. I love you!

Chellese said...

Also, I adore this picture.